Dr. Charles Hoge
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Dr. Charles Hoge is a nationally-known expert & author of the book
Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior. He has written and presented extensively on the issues facing our nation's service members such as PTSD, mTBI and other psychological reactions to war.
Dr. Hoge's expertise spans psychiatry, trauma, public health, health policy, and infectious diseases. His articles in The New England Journal of Medicine and The Journal of the American Medical Association are the most frequently cited medical articles about the impact of returning home from those recently on the fronts of Iraq and Afghanistan.
An engaging speaker, Dr. Hoge is frequently called upon to offer his analyses of war-related mental health issues. Over the years, he has testified before the U.S. Senate (Arms Services Committee) and the House of Representatives (Veterans Affairs Committee.)
Jennifer Storm
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Jennifer Storm represents one woman's recovery from addiction, trauma and adversity and identifies key components of what can help a person turn their lives around. 

Jennifer Storm is the ultimate survivor turned thriver having recently chronicled her own story of victimization and recovery in her memoirs: Blackout Girl: Growing up and Drying out in America and Leave the Light On. She actively discusses victims' rights, LGBTA rights, addiction and recovery, and civil rights. Her most recent book Echoes of Penn State: Facing Sexual Trauma examines the recent Penn State scandal.

Jennifer currently serves as Executive Director for the Victims Witness Assistance Program in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.
Kevin Hines

Kevin Hines has reached international audiences with his story of an unlikely survival and will to live. When Kevin was 19-years old, two years after being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, he attempted to take his own life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. He is one of thirty-three to survive the fall and he is also the only survivor who is actively spreading the message of living mentally healthy around the country and the globe. 


In 2012, he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award and he has also been recognized by SAMSHA as a Voice Awards Fellow and Award Winner, an Achievement Winner by Veterans Affairs, and he has received a Three Star Marine Generals Medal Award in addition to his numerous accolades. His first book, Cracked... Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt is will be released on July 16, 2013.

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