The Grahams are making the world a better place one life at a time...
Maj. General Graham (Ret.) and his wife, Carol Graham, are advocates of suicide prevention, mental health awareness as well as issues specific to our nation's armed forces such as PTSD.
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The Grahams: Champions of Hope & Healing
The Grahams: Champions of Hope & Healing

Phyllis Parsons
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"...As a way to give purpose to the loss of their sons, the Grahams have sought ways to convert their emptiness and profound sadness into a resource for others by speaking publicly and providing resources for SUICIDE PREVENTION."

"To lose one person to suicide is too many." 

--Maj. General Graham (Ret.) 
After the loss of their two sons General Graham (Ret.) and Carol Graham decided to promote mental health awareness. In addition to speaking nationwide, they have also established the
Jeff & Kevin Graham Memorial Fund to prevent suicides on college campuses.
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