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Jennifer Storm is a survivor and a champion of victims rights.  


Storm's work-- chronicled in two stunning memoirs and a self-help book-- represents one women's recovery from addiction, sexual assault, trauma and adversity. Most remarkably is her story of recovery. An inspiration to all, Storm identifies key components for what it takes to turn a life around. 


She discusses victims' rights, LGBTA rights, addiction and recovery, and civil rights and has, most recently, served as a victim's rights advocate to witnesses in the Sandusky scandal. She is also a Penn State alumni. 


Recent blog:

The Protector of the Monster is no Better than the Monster himself...

On November 1, we saw long awaited charges filed against The Pennsylvania State University President Graham Spanier say sources to The Post-Gazette.  This was a day so many of us have been waiting for-judgement day for Spanier, accountability for his lack of leadership and his failure to act....

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