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Coming Into His Own
Rex Lewis-Clack UNPLUGGED 
October 2013
Guest Blog From Cathleen Lewis
Rex's mother and GDA exclusive, Cathleen Lewis, shares with us the journey she and Rex have been on and where he is headed now post-graduation.


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Cathleen's blog, Graduation

In 2012, the Rex & Friends Charitable Foundation launched. The foundation is a volunteer organization comprised of people that came to know each other all because of Rex Lewis-Clack.  The goal is to help enhance the lives of others facing the challenges of autism and/or blindness through music education and/or therapy. 
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Exactly ten years ago, the world was introduced to Rex Lewis-Clack, a blind, autistic, musical savant. Just eight years old at the time, he stole the hearts of viewers when he was featured on the 60 Minutes segment, Musically Speaking. During the segment, Rex demonstrated his ability to play back music on the piano, after having heard it just once. Viewers were in disbelief that this enthusiastic child, who was once thought to never speak or walk, was able to play music that most could only dream of playing. 


After the segment aired on 60 Minutes, Rex's story quickly began to spread across the nation. Not only was Rex asked back to do two additional segments on 60 Minutes, he also filmed a documentary on Discovery Health when he was eleven years old and a Science Channel documentary, "Ingenious Minds", at age fifteen. And today, a fourth profile on 60 Minutes is being discussed, which would be a record for appearances on 60 Minutes. 
60 Minutes- Musically Speaking segment
Where it all began
60 Minutes Musically Speaking 2003 segment


Today, Rex has grown and matured both personally and musically. Now 18 and a recent high school graduate, Rex is starting the next chapter of his life. He has started studying acting in addition to music at a Performing Arts School in California. Rex is also looking forward to a new speaking format where he will be able to interact more with his audience and take requests for musical improvisation, which is something he has never done.

Rex and his mother, Cathleen Lewis, have become one of the world's most inspirational duos. They continue to impact audiences around the world with their message of hope, hard work and extraordinary talent. 
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