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Who Inspires the Biggest Brands?
Introducing Eric Saperston 
March 2013
Award Winning Documentary
The Journey

The Journey 
is a 
two-time, SXSW Film Festival winner.  His documentary includes interviews with the individuals Eric asked out for coffee while on his journey. 
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The Gift of a Speaker

This year we have been introduced to some fantastic speakers who will leave your audience members motivated and inspired.  Click Here to read Gail's latest blog on Eric Saperston and other speakers.
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 Eric SaperstonDo you "Live In Wonder"?  
Wonder: A cause of surprise, miraculous event or remarkable phenomenon; to be filled with awe, amazement and marvel. This is to Live In Wonder!  
GDA Speakers is proud to announce the newest addition to our exclusive speaker roster, Eric Saperston.

From the biggest companies to the most inspirational brands in the world, Eric is quickly joining an elite group of speakers on their "must see" list. His presentation sparks excitement, imagination, leadership, vision and much more. 

Eric's journey and his incredible storytelling abilities will turn your expectations upside down. There is truly no one else quite like him.
A quick look at who
A quick look at who "The Journey," Eric's award winning documentary, inspired his vision for
Live In Wonder.
After college, Eric bought a 1971 Volkswagen Bus, took his Golden Retriever, Jack, and set out to follow The Grateful Dead and work a ski season in Aspen. Challenged by his college mentor to make his trip more meaningful, Eric decided that while out on the road, he would call up some of the most powerful people in the world and ask them out for a cup of coffee.  Along this journey, Eric sat down with Henry Winkler, Billy Crystal, President Jimmy Carter, Jerry Garcia and many more to ask them some of life's biggest questions.   
Eric's Latest Film Project
"Live In Wonder"

In his provocative new film, Eric explores the idea of Wonder: Who has it? What do you do if you have lost it? And more importantly, how do you get it back? Be moved and inspired as Eric talks with world leaders, visionaries and scientists about how wonder influences our lives. 
Erc & Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler is one of many celebrities Eric sits down with in his new film.