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Issue 051 - In This Issue:

When I think back on my professional development as a geotechnical engineer, I am so grateful for the excellent mentors I have had, and still have for that matter. I remember learning so much in the first few years of my career but coming to the realization that I still knew so little about about the field I was working in.

I know some companies are better than others at fostering a good mentoring environment. But I think formal mentoring programs will only do so much. Ultimately it comes down to individuals making mentoring a priority. As a profession, I think we can do better at being mentors to junior engineers. Please be generous with your time!

And if you are a younger engineer serious about your career, don't wait for a mentor to "adopt" you. Seek out mentors who you want to emulate, and develop the relationships that will make you successful! Fortune favors the bold! 


Randy Post, PE, GIT
President, LLC

Hayward Baker will construct their Vibro Piers(TM) foundation system at the new stadium to house the Atlanta Falcons and a new MLS team. Their holes will be 2.5 feet in diameter and 27 feet deep and filled with vibro compacted No. 57 stone. The project is anticipated to take 5 weeks, operating 6 days a week to keep the project schedule on track. Hayward Baker is a sponsor of Read more about this article!

MIT Emeritus Professor Charles C. (Chuck) Ladd passed away on August 4 according to a post on the ASCE Geotechnical Engineering Group. Professor Ladd was a legend in the geotechnical engineering community, and among his many awards were the prestigious Croes Medal, the Norman Medal, and the Terzaghi Lecture Award. He was also a member of the National Academy of Engineering. You can find Professor Ladd's obituary at the Boston Globe. Read more about this article!
NCFI / Terra Thane

The giant straddle cranes that load and unload cargo from the container ships at the Port of Oakland apply a fairly concentrated load along their wheel path. Over time, the wheel path area has settled, creating a hazard to crane operators, cargo, and all port workers. URETEK ICR and their affiliate EagleLIFT were called in to use their patented geopolymer technology to stabilize and lift the subgrade, restoring the wheel path to it's original elevation. Check out the video! URETEK ICR is a sponsor of GeoPrac. Read more about this article!
Hayward Baker

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gINT Software

A seismologist at the University of Tokyo believes that the monstrous tsunami that was responsible for so much damage and loss of life during the 2011 Fukushima earthquake may have been a result of a submarine landslide the size of Paris. The researchers reached their conclusion by back-analyzing the wave motion measurements from buoys on the day of the earthquake. After modeling the size and approximate location of the landslide, other team members were able to compare bathymetry data from before and after the earthquake to locate the slide. Read more about this article!

The cover story in a recent issue of LIDAR Magazine is titled Unearthing Landslides. It describes the work done by a company called Quantum Spatial in the immediate aftermath of the Oso Landslide. They were also involved in scanning the recent landslide in Grand Mesa, Colorado. Quantum Spatial has developed a landslide tool that identifies areas of landslide risk based on different aspects of the LiDAR based topography. Read more about this article!