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5 Benefits of Winter Swimming


1. Children who swim tend to be healthier than those who don't. Even in the winter!

 2. The physical exercise that they get when swimming stimulates a child's appetite. It helps him to eat better and sleep better, resulting in a healthier child with a stronger immune system.

 3. The deep breathing that children do when they blow bubbles or submerge in water helps to keep their lungs clear of accumulated mucous, making them less prone to respiratory problems.

 4. Children grow and develop so quickly. When they stop swim lessons and come back 3 or 4 months later, they have changed socially, emotionally and physically. As a child matures he develops inhibitions about new experiences. Some return with a fear of the water that they didn't have before.

 5. Children who swim right through winter have the greatest chance of reaching their full potential. They continue to progress, maintaining important safety skills and comfort in the water. Your child is less likely to remain calm and remember how to float or grab the wall if it has been weeks or months since the last time he was in the water.

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January 17th is Little Otter Safety Day!


Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in children under the age of 14.  Little Otter's Safety Day is part of our continuing effort to educate our children to help protect them from a tragic accident.  Our Safety Day is about preparing our children for the unexpected; falling into a pool or off of a dock fully clothed, and how this feels different from jumping into a pool. Our instructors will be teaching the children how to respond when child's shoes are full of water, and how to react when the unplanned swim occurs. This free event will be held at the Matthews location of Little Otter Swim School.


Stop by the front desk or call in to either Matthews or Huntersville locations to sign up to attend - 704-846-7946

Little Otter Parents Donate a Record 
Number of Toys

For eight years now Little Otter Swim School families and staff have supported Katie's Kidz. With the wonderful support of you and your children, we were able to donate 431 toys to 10 different hospitals in North Carolina and South Carolina.  Thank you for all that you do Little Otter families, and to find out more about Katie's Kidz, visit their Facebook page by clicking here!
Get The Little Otter Mobile APP!

Little Otter is proud to say we have launched our mobile app. You can download the app for both Android and iPhone devices. Keep up with closings and delays, sign up for Make-up Classes, find out more about class levels and so much more.


Click here to download the app for Android devices!


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You 'Otter' Be A Valentine 

If your child loves their swim instructor they can say it the week of Valentines. Each instructor will have a bag that your child can place a Valentine.   Some things to remember:
  • Feel free to make an Valentine at home and bring it in to your favorite instructor.
  • We will also provide Otter Valentine making supplies at the swim school during the week of Valentine's Day, if you would prefer to make them here with your child.
Thank You
As always, thank you for sharing your children with us.

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John & Lory Kirk
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