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Frequent Lessons and Steady Progress Bring Best Results  


Parents often want to expose their children to a variety of activities. From music lessons, to sports teams, to Boy Scouts or art classes, exposing kids to multiple genres of learning can allow one to find his niche and the interests they might want to explore in greater detail.

Swimming, is different. This is a critical skill that must be taught at an early age and is similar to life lessons such as wearing a seat belt, looking both ways before crossing and not talking to strangers. Swimming can be the difference between life and death.  


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Anyone Can Do It! 
Paralympian Jay Dohnt has backed the Royal Life Saving Society and News Limited's campaign for compulsory swimming lessons in all primary schools by 2014 in Australia.

Dohnt, 23, says he has fond memories of (swim) lessons.

He joined Le Fevre Portside Swimming Club following his bronze medal performance in the 400m freestyle in Beijing in 2008 and went on to compete at London this year.

"I ended up coming back to that pool 15 years later as an athlete, so I came full circle," Dohnt says.

"Swimming was a big part of my schooling, both at primary and high school.

"But some kids don't have that opportunity, whether it's because they are in the country or go to the odd school that doesn't participate, and it's not fair."

Dohnt, who had both his legs amputated after a battle with meningococcal nine years ago, says drownings are preventable with basic swimming lessons.

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Holiday Schedule 
Little Otter will be closed for the  following:    
November 21, 22, 23, and 24 we will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will also be closed on December 24, 25, and 26 for the Christmas Holiday.
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John Kirk - Guiding Light Award Winner

John Kirk was recently honored by the U.S. Swim School Association for his contributions to the organization and industry by bestowing upon him the 2012 Guiding Light Award. John was recognized for the honor at the annual association conference in Oahu, Hawaii last month.


As a 10-year member of the USSSA, John has contributed in several ways. He served on the USSSA's Public Relations Committee for three years: as a member in 2010, and the chair for 2011 and 2012. John has welcomed other swim schools for visits at Little Otter from around the U.S. and as far away as South Africa and the Philippines.


"John is involved with numerous projects throughout the association. Despite his busy schedule at Little Otter, he welcomes the responsibility that accompanies this position of PR Committee Chair and strives to exceed expectations. With an unmatched work ethic and mentoring spirit, John has touched many and is an inspiration to all," Sue Mackie, Executive Director of the USSSA.



The Little Otter Difference 

We have often been asked what sets us apart from other swim schools. John and Lory Kirk have based their core values for their school on their love for teaching and children. The Kirks believe in providing quality swim lessons in a safe and fun environment, taught by caring and enthusiastic teachers.

Rosy Redfish icon Here are a few of the things we use as a guide to teach children in a manner that is respectful of their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

1) Safety - Children must be able to trust their teacher before they can learn.  


2) Love - Children must feel important and cared about before they can trust.  


3) Fun - Children learn through play. Play is important work for children.  


4) Love of Learning - Children who develop a love of learning have a skill that will be valuable throughout life.  


5) Developmentally Appropriate - Children learn best when they are taught in ways that are sensitive to their stage of development.  


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This year think about giving the gift of "Otter Bucks" to friends and family.  Otter Bucks Gift Certificates can be used to pay for swim lessons, Little Otter Swim School merchandise, and other items available in our shop!

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Little Otter Loyalty    

Don't forget that if we spot your car with one of our magnets on it, we write down the tag number and choose a plate at random from  among all those we see out and about. We then announce the tag winner on our Facebook page:

Spot your number on the Facebook page and call us and tell us the rest of your tag and you will win ONE month worth of swim lessons for one child.  FREE!  If you want a magnet of your very own, just stop by the front desk. They are also FREE!

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Thank You

Thank you for sharing your children with us.

We love what we do in teaching children to swim. We help to provide children with irreplaceable skills, self-confidence and self-reliance
every day.  Without your love and desire to build your children's confidence in the water, we would not have that opportunity.  So again, thank you!


swim, baby, swim icon Sincerely,



John & Lory Kirk
Little Otter Swim School