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Outstanding Teachers Create Successful Swimmers 

You probably remember that one great teacher from your past. Perhaps it was a soccer coach, a third-grade teacher or the high school counselor who believed in you when you weren't sure of yourself. No matter who your childhood mentors were, you will always remember your favorite teacher and what they did for you. It is the hope of Little Otter that our teachers will impact each and every student with life-saving skills and rank as one of those memorable teachers in your child's life.

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Safe Swimming Can Even Be Done Outside of the Water 

With all of the recent amazing swimming taking place in London, it's easy to sit and think one day your son or daughter could be as good as Michael Phelps or Missy Franklin. Both started swimming at a very young age - Missy even as young as just a few months old. And like many Little Otter swimmers, it was her introduction to the sport of swimming from early childhood that led her to where she is today.


But just because your child receives swimming lessons, at any age, does not completely prevent him or her from an accident in the pool. While the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests "new evidence shows that children ages 1 to 4 may be less likely to drown if they have had formal swimming instruction," parents still need to have an emergency action plan and establish smart water rules to create a safe swimming environment.  

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Holiday Schedule 
Little Otter will be closed for the  following: 
October 31st we will close at 3PM.  
November 21st through November 24th we will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  

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Fall is coming quickly and we are gearing up for another cozy winter in the warm pools at Little Otter Swim School.  This month brings with it a number of wonderful announcements from your friends at Little Otter Swim School.  Our newsletter will get to all of that soon enough, but first we thought we would toot our own horn a bit as the producers from
America Now, a news magazine show that airs on about 50 stations nationwide, came out in September to talk with Little Otter about infant swimming. Below is a link to the story:


Little Otter Loyalty    

If we spot your car with one of our magnets on it, we write down the tag number and choose a plate at random from  among all those we see out and about. We then announce the tag winner on our Facebook page:

Spot your number and call us and tell us the rest of your tag and you will win ONE month worth of swim lessons for one child.  FREE! If you want a magnet of your very own, just stop by the front desk. They are also free!

Little Otter Magnets

Little Otter Helps With 2012 Down Syndrome Buddy Walk  

Little Otter has committed to helping the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte by sponsoring the 2012 Buddy Walk that will take place this Saturday, October 6th, from 10AM until 2PM at Freedom Park in Charlotte

The Buddy Walk is an advocacy event in which everyone in the community is invited to participate. The Buddy Walk was started by the National Down Syndrome Society and has grown from 17 walks in 1995 to over 275 of walks worldwide today. The goal of the Buddy Walk is to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. Your support will help all people and families living with Down syndrome to enjoy a more successful future.
2012 Charlotte Buddy Walk PSA
2012 Charlotte Buddy Walk


October Safety Day at
Little Otter Swim School 
Safer 3 
We believe safety around the water to be of the utmost importance.  On Saturday October 27th Safety Day will include a presentation on the Safer 3 program prior to getting into the pool.  Safer 3 is a national drowning prevention program that focuses on 3 layers of protection around the water. 

After the presentation, parents and children will go into the pool area and we will talk about how to be safe around the water and what to do if you fall into the water with your clothes on.  The children will then be asked to jump into the water one at a time fully clothed so that they can know what that feels like.

We will have a teacher in the water with them and a teacher on deck.  One of the tough things with younger children is that they sometimes may not make the connection between what they do in swim lessons and what to do if they accidentally fall into the water.  We hope that letting your child go into the water fully clothed in a controlled setting will give them the confidence should they ever fall into the water accidentally.

Safety day beings at 1:30PM and we are asking everyone to sign up for a specific time so that we can be efficient in our program.  Call 704-846-7946 or stop by the customer service desk for your appointment.  

Thank You

Thank you for sharing your children with us. Teaching your child a lifetime skill is a gift we so enjoy giving, and we are always happy to see joyful kids in our pool.  Stay safe in and around the water!


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John & Lory Kirk
Little Otter Swim School