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                       May 14th - Water Safety Day
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Little Otter Swim School Safety Day will be held on Saturday, May 14th, and is only for students currently enrolled in lessons at Little Otter.

You must call or stop by front desk to reserve your time. When you make your reservation you will be given the time for you to be here. Safety Day will be held during the afternoon on Saturday.

We believe safety around the water to be of the utmost importance. Safety Day will include a presentation on the Safer 3 program prior to getting into the pool. Safer 3 is a national drowning prevention program that focuses on 3 layers of protection around the water.
Swim School Safety Day March 2010
Swim School Safety Day March 2010

After the presentation, parents and children will go into the pool area and we will talk about how to be safe around the water and what to do if you fall into the water with your clothes on. The children will then be asked to jump into the water one at a time fully clothed so that they can know what that feels like.

We will have a teacher in the water with them and a teacher on deck. One of the tough things with younger children is that they sometimes may not make the connection between what they do in swim lessons and what to do if they accidentally fall into the water. 

We hope that letting your child go into the water fully clothed in a controlled setting will give them the confidence should they ever fall into the water accidentally.

Please arrive at least five minutes before you are scheduled so that we can start each presentation on time. We anticipate that the entire lesson will take about 30 minutes. Please have your children wear their swimsuits under their clothes. We recommend play clothes because the children are obviously going to get soaked. Pay special attention to the shoes because they will wear them when they jump in and some shoes don't do well when they get soaked. Though we do have a new policy of not wearing shoes on deck, we feel an exception can be made because it is essential for the kids to know what this feels like. After the children have jumped in a few times they will be done with the lessons. They will obviously have wet clothes so bring a change of clothing and a couple of towels. Also, bring a plastic bag to take the wet clothes home.

We are offering this free of charge to our families because we believe so strongly in drowning prevention and water safety. We are asking for a voluntary donation of $2 per family this year to be used to get out the message of drowning prevention nationally through the Safer 3 foundation. Thank you for choosing Little Otter for your swimming lessons and thank you for participating in our Safety Day!

John Kirk
Little Otter Swim School