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Issue: # 114
 May 2015

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Without Legalization, State Policies Remain Crucial to Healthy Communities


Immigration Impact




List of States Considering Driver's Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants Grows




Private Prison Industry Lobbies for Detention of Immigrants 


Immigration Impact


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IAUSA Chaplains Meeting  
May 19, 2015
IAUSA Irish Apostolate
Fr. Brendan McBride was delighted to welcome the full-time and affiliate Chaplains to the annual meeting in Boston.  Full-time Chaplains include: Fr. Brendan at the IIPC in San Francisco and  Fr.  John McCarthy at the IPC Boston.  

Affiliate Chaplains included: Fr. John Madigan at the Seattle Irish Immigrant Support Group, Fr. Michael Madigan at the Chicago Irish Immigrant Support, and Fr. Nick Clavin at the Irish Outreach San Diego.  

Sr. Christine Hennessy, Chaplain at Project Irish Outreach in Yonkers, NY and Fr. Dan Finn, who will be replacing Fr. McCarthy later in the year, Brian Hanley, Irish Episcopal Council for Emigrants, Celine Kennelly, IIPC_SF, and Geri Garvey were also present.
Frs. Dan, Brendan, John, Nick (l to r)

Brian Hanley gave a brief history of the IECE and the development of the Chaplaincies in the U.K. and then the USA.  Brian expressed the Bishops' support for the work of the IAUSA and the Chaplains and indicated that the IECE would like to see the Chaplains working closely with the Executive Directors and the Boards.

Each of the Chaplains had an opportunity to discuss the situation at his/her Center.  Fr. Brendan and Fr. John commented how important it was for the Chaplain to be closely connected with the Irish Immigration Pastoral Centers.  


Brendan, John and Nick
Frs. Brendan, John, Nick (l to r)

The Chaplains also had a lengthy discussion on prison ministry with Jim Cummins (SIISG) and shared their experiences as well as important information on the detention system in the USA. 

 IAUSA Annual General Meeting

May 19th, Boston, MA

 In the afternoon, the Chaplains regrouped for the Irish Apostolate AGM. They were joined by the Executive Directors  from Boston (Megan Carroll), Chicago (Michael Collins) San Diego (Stephen Aherne), San Francisco (Celine Kennelly).  

Also attending were Brian Hanley, IECE, Natasha McPartland, IIPC San Francisco, Aileen Dibra, National Coordinator, CIIC, and Geri Garvey. 

Attendees at IAUSA AGM
Attendees at the IAUSA Annual General Meeting

Fr. Brendan welcomed the new Executive Directors to the meeting.  Brendan and Brian explained the history of the IECE and the IAUSA to those present and stressed the benefits of having a Chaplain working as a team with the IPC Board and Staff.  


This coming summer, Fr. Alan Hilliard, former Director of the IECE, will be traveling to the USA to present governance trainings to the Boards in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago and Boston during the week of July 12, 2015.   Alan was able to address the group via Skype and a lively discussion ensued.  The information is being compiled and will be sent to Alan for him to develop a training that would be specific to each of the Centers. 


The IAUSA Board will continue to collaborate with Alan and with the E.D.s in how best to meet the needs at each of the IIPCs for the coming training.


The next day the Chaplains attended the excellent training sessions offered by of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers.  That evening they were able to join Consul General Breandán Ó Caollai and Vice Consul General Jillian O'Keeffe at their offices in downtown Boston.




News from San Diego


The Diocese of San Diego, Office of Cultural Diversity invited a representative of each Cultural group leader to attend the Installation of Bishop Robert W. McElroy on Wednesday April 15,2015 at Saint Therese of Carmel Catholic Church,San Diego, California.


Bernadette Cashman, former Executive Director of the Irish Outreach San Diego, was honored to be chosen as the  representative of the Irish community at the event. 



Congratulations on this recognition by the DIocese for your many years of service!

 The Texas Decision 

and Other Executive Action Updates  


National Immigration Law Center 

Webinar Notes- May 27, 2015


First Track

Administration asked for a stay, 5th Circuit denied. Not the final word from the 5th circuit. Decision was not unanimous.


Legal options for the federal government

-       Ask for "en banc" review by the 5th circuit. This would ask for 15 judges to rule (not 3). Not likely for 5th circuit to grant en banc review.

-       Take stay denial to Supreme Court - Justice Scalia would have the option to decide on his own, or refer motion to full Supreme Court.

-       Ask Supreme Court to narrow the injunction to only TX or only the suing states. 14 states have filed support of the program - they want to see them go forward. Only Texas is suffering a harm that would allow them to bring this lawsuit. There is a strong legal argument that injunction could be limited to TX.


Supreme Court is on recess from end of June - end of September. Earliest hearing - October.



Second Track - Underlying appeal of the original district court decision.


Appeal of the district's decision - still going through. Full hearing on July 6th (tentative date).  There is no deadline for when a decision on the appeal could come after the oral argument. There could still be action coming out of the original court in Texas that impacts the case at large


How to Protect Executive Actions

Main opponents are the attorney generals and governors in suing states.

-       Promote implementation efforts, info sessions, workshops, etc.

-       Encourage people to prepare to apply

-       Outreach - rallies, phone banks, press conferences, events that include call to action

-       If in a supportive state - make sure it is active support - AG/Governor/Mayor/local officials speaking out in support, participating at your events

-       Put a human face on the issue (highlight stories of people who would qualify, stories of DACA recipients and how the program has improved their lives)

-       Potential Days of Action - July 6th (Hearing) + June 15th - DACA 3rd Anniversary


Messaging about this decision

-       We are disappointed, but we remain undeterred. This was not an unexpected decision.

-       This is more of an anti-immigrant attack than a legal conflict.

Other courts, including the 5th circuit, have looked at this and came to the opposite conclusion. Legal scholars and state & city officials have said that this was fully within the President's authority.

-       The consequences of this lawsuit are devastating.

-       This decision is on the wrong side of the law and the wrong side of history.

-       We will continue to protect the important victories we won last November.

-       The goal of the lawsuit is to delay and derail important actions.


Other Resources:

Administrative Relief Resource Center 
The iAmerica website includes updates and infographics for community education on the lawsuit at  http://iamerica.org/fight-for-dapa-daca/.

National Immigration Law Center (NILC)
NILC offers a resource page on the Texas v. United States lawsuit at  http://nilc.org/TXvUSlitigation.html.

Justice for Immigrants Campaign News

 Please note on your calendars and make plans to attend a national convening on immigration later this year, November 11-13, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois.


Archbishop Blase Cupich of the Archdiocese of Chicago will be the keynote speaker.


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