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Update on the Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform  

Issue: # 108

 September 2014
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Bp Kirby Visits Aisling Center
ICPO New Website
IAUSA Members' Conference Call
Farewell to Joanna Joyce
New Emigrant Officer, IECE
Report on Illegal Immigrants
New Reports on Administrative Action
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Immigration Reform Would Help US Economy, Says House Speaker John Boehner: 'Sooner We Do It, The Better'

Latin Post

The President's Broad Legal Authority to Act on Immigration

National Immigration Law Center
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BIshop John Kirby Visits Aisling Center, Yonkers, NY
On September 23rd Bishop John Kirby, Chair of the Irish Episcopal Council for Emigrants, and Geri Garvey visited the Aisling Irish Community Center
in Yonkers, New York. They met with Orla Kelleher, Executive Director, and Sr. Christine Hennessy, Chaplain and Social Worker, and learned about the many programs and services offered to the local Irish emigrant community.  They also met some of the Moms and toddlers who were there for their morning session and were able to join the seniors for their weekly lunch.  Bishop Kirby congratulated Orla on the extensive outreach to the community by the Center and thanked Sr. Christine for her special ministry to the Irish nationals in prison in the United States.

Bp. Kirby, Msgr. Barry and the Irish Seniors

Geri Garvey, Bp. Kirby, Sr. Christine

Orla Kelleher, Bp. Kirby, Sr. Christine


Justice for Immigrants UPDATE
MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  There will be two upcoming JFI national call-in days to the White House. 

The first will take place November 5 (the day after the general election) to November 13, the Feast of St. Frances of Cabrini, the patroness of immigrants.


The second is scheduled for December 9 - December 12 (the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe).


More details to follow......


Irish Council for Prisoners - New Website


New ICPO website- www.icpo.ie


In mid-September the ICPO launched their 'Good to Know Before You Go' information campaign and the campaign materials are available on the website and on our new Facebook page which is 'Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas'. 


This campaign is aimed at young Irish emigrants and seeks to emphasze the importance of being aware of local laws and customs. You can also view the campaign video at https://vimeo.com/105959723.



IAUSA Irish Apostolate
There will be a conference call for Irish Immigration Pastoral Centers and Outreach Networks with the Irish Apostolate USA Board on Thursday, October 16 at 1 pm EDT.  

A reminder notice will be sent to staff and board chairs at these centers. 

Farewell to Joanna Joyce, Emigrant Officer, Irish Episcopal Council for Emigrants 

The IAUSA Board wishes to thank Ms. Joanna Joyce for her three years of service as the Emigrant Officer for the IECE.  In her role as Emigrant Officer, Joanna also served on the Board of the Irish Apostolate USA and has participated in our Board meetings and advocacy efforts in Washington, DC.  She has served as the liaison between the IAUSA and the Bishops in Ireland by providing them with the information about the services offered and challenges encountered at the Irish Immigration Pastoral Centers and Outreach Networks in the USA.


We wish Joanna well on her new assignment as an advocate for the Alzheimer's Society of Ireland.

New Emigrant Officer, IECE
Brian Hanley will replace Joanna Joyce as the Emigrant Officer for the Irish Episcopal Council for Emigrants.  Many of you will remember Brian in this role several years ago.  During the interim Brian returned to school to finish his master's degree.  Brian has been working as a case manager at the Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas as well.

The IAUSA Board welcomes Brian as the Emigrant Officer of the IECE and we look forward to working with him in the future.
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Illegal Immigrants more likely to have Lived in the U.S. for Over a Decade


The number of immigrants living illegally in the United States has leveled off in recent years, but those who remain are more likely to have far deeper ties to the country than they did a decade ago, according to a report released in September.


The study from Pew Research Center found that half of the nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants have lived here for at least 13 years and as many as 4 million have U.S.-born children.


Read the article at the Washington Post.



New Reports Examine Who Might Benefit from Immigration Administrative Action 

Potentially new deferred action programs: 


Residency cut-off dates would be crucial in determining how many unauthorized immigrants would be eligible for relief given that, as of 2012, three million had lived in the United States for 15 years, 5.7 million for at least 10 years, and 8.5 million for at least five years. 


Close family ties could serve as a powerful basis for relief since, in 2012, roughly 3.5 million unauthorized immigrants were the parents of U.S. citizens under the of age 18-and 2.4 million of them had lived in the United States for at least a decade. 


If the parents of children who are green-card holders or DACA recipients are added to the mix, the total number of eligible immigrants rises to 3.7 million. 


Offering relief to the spouses of U.S. citizens would encompass about 770,000 unauthorized immigrants. Adding in the spouses of green-card holders and DACA recipients would increase this number to 1.5 million. 


Finally, about 1.3 million unauthorized immigrants were potentially eligible for legal status because they are spouses of U.S. citizens or parents of adult U.S.-citizen children, but many can't leave the country to apply for a visa without facing bars to re-entry of many years.  


To read the entire article, go to the American Immigration Council website.


Join the Justice for Immigrants Campaign

Justice for Immigrants Campaign continues to build its grassroots support for comprehensive immigration reform.   

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