June 2016
This month's Blueprint for LEADERSHIP focuses on the skill of employee development and coaching!  Great leaders challenge their employees to grow their strengths through intentional training and mentorship. Check out our feature article, supplemental piece and book of the month below to learn more about this important leadership skill.  
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FEATURE ARTICLE:  Employee Development and Coaching: 
  An Investment Worth Making
Click here to see what it takes to deliver great employee development and coaching within your organization.

101 Incredible Coaching Questions

Click here for a set of effective questions to use in your next coaching session.


Coaching for performance explains clearly and in-depth how to unlock people's potential to maximize their performance. It digs deep into the roots of coaching, and focuses on vital concepts such as emotional intelligence and high-performance leadership. Whitmore also considers the future of coaching and its role in the transformation of learning and workplace relationships, as well as illustrating how coaching can help in a crisis.

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