May 2016
This month Blueprint LEADERSHIP asks, do you have what it takes? Great leaders rise above unexpected obstacles by utilizing their resiliency muscles. Check out our feature article, supplemental pieces and book of the month below to learn more about this important leadership skill.  

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FEATURE ARTICLE: Resiliency: Show Em' What You're Made Of
Click here to recognize potential growth opportunities in the midst
of adversity by harnessing your organizational strengths
to come out on top.
5 Pillars of Resilience

Click above to learn how you can cultivate the ability to bounce back from setbacks by strengthening your five pillars of resilience.
An excerpt from the Boston Globe article by Deborah Kotz:
"What Jill Abramson can teach us about resilience"


Abramson delivers Wake Forest University's commencement speech on being resilient less than a week after losing her position as NY Times Executive Editor. Click here to read more...

Most people are never prepared to deal with failure. Maxwell says that if you are like him, coming out of school, you feared it, misunderstood it, and ran away from it. But Maxwell has learned to make failure his friend, and he can teach you to do the same.

"Because in life, the question is not if you will have problems, but how you are going to deal with them. Stop failing backward and start failing forward!"
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