May 2016

This month's Blueprint for LEADERSHIP focuses on the extraordinary impact leaders have through their decision making.  Great leaders champion for the best possible outcome in every decision making process, no matter how big or small. Check out our feature article, supplemental piece and book of the month below to learn more about this important leadership skill.  

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FEATURE ARTICLE: Decision Making: The Power of Using Your Whole Brain
Click here to understand the power of your decisions, and how your strengths and gaps directly influence the outcome of each choice you make.
Top 4 Cognitive Biases to Avoid in Decision Making
Click on the image above to watch a brief video on how cognitive biases may be preventing you from making the best decisions.
The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day
Click here for some quick reminders of how you can step up your game to be the best possible leader.

What made Apple's board bring back Steve Jobs to the company? 
How did Johnson & Johnson decide to recall every bottle of Tylenol after a poisoning scare that involved only a small batch of the drug? 
What made Henry Ford decide to double the wages of his autoworkers, and how did that change the American economy for the next century? 
In this fully original book, you'll get a glimpse into the thought processes leading up to these groundbreaking moments and will learn how the decisions have shaped the thinking of today's top leaders.
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