May 2016
This month's Blueprint for LEADERSHIP covers the heartbeat of every organization - customer focus!  Great leaders keep their customers at the forefront of everything they do. Check out our feature article, supplemental video and book of the month below to learn more about this important leadership skill.  

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FEATURE ARTICLE: Customer Focus: It's Really That Simple

Click here
to learn the simple, yet powerful principles of creating strong relationships with your customers that will stand the test of time.
The Zappos Brand & Customer Service
Click above to hear Tony Hsieh's (CEO of Zappos) perspective on how a customer-centric organization is the greatest avenue to success.

This book outlines Gitomer's formula for making customers so faithful they "will fight before they switch--and they will proactively refer people to buy from you." Gitomer recounts his start-to-finish approach to becoming "memorable" to consumers along with illustrative tales of his own encounters with particularly egregious examples of poor service. His formula will show you how to transform satisfied customers into loyal customers, while providing inspirational anecdotes and self-evaluation tools along the way.
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