May 2016
This month's Blueprint for LEADERSHIP focuses on the skill of diplomacy!  Great leaders handle difficult situations with compassion and tact. Check out our feature article, video and book of the month below to learn more about this important leadership skill.  

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FEATURE ARTICLE: Ambassador of Diplomacy
Click here to learn how you can transform your workplace relationships by acknowledging each individual's value through an extension of diplomacy in every interaction that takes place.
Strength through Diversity
Click on the image above to watch a firsthand testament of the power of unity within a diverse team to achieve a common goal.

Like its predecessor, the new book examines the trends that shape the economy and workforce, and combines them into a unique and fresh body of analysis. The authors set the record straight on the demographic makeup of the workforce in the years 2000 to 2020 and challenge the conventional wisdom on trends affecting American workers and employers. Analyzing important emerging issues, they detail the coming demographic changes in the workforce--and their potentially serious effects on the job market and the economy as a whole. Workforce 2020 is an indispensable guide to the workforce issues of the coming years.
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