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TreEnews - August 2016
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Explore nature with kids
THIS WEEK! Education Leader Workshop Kicks off August 17th
Wednesday, August 17, 10am - 12:30pm
3921 East Bayshore Road, Palo Alto
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Teach kids about trees, and help inspire the next generation of nature stewards.
This free 3-part interactive training will prepare you to volunteer as a Canopy Education Leader, exploring the wonderful world of trees through hands-on science lessons with elementary and middle school students.
You'll learn about teaching methodology, cultural sensitivity, and three of Canopy's unique education modules, each of which are designed to meet Next Generation Science StandardsLearn more about the training...
Bookworms in the Branches
Tree Walk: "Bookworms in the Branches: Trees and Literature"
Saturday, September 10, 10am - 12pm
Begins at Rinconada Library, 1213 Newell Road, Palo Alto
Expert arborist Deanne Ecklund of HortScience will lead a Tree Walk at the Rinconada Library & Art Center as we explore the rich connections between trees and literature.
We'll encounter diverse and beautiful trees at this former Palo Alto city hall location: Jelecote Pine, Red Horse chestnut, Chinese Pistache, Italian Stone Pine, Black Mulberry, Japanese Flowering Crabapple, Plume Cryptomeria and many others.
Full details on Canopy's calendar.
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Calling all Tree Planters! Planting Leader Training starts next month
Part 1: September 20 or 22 (Tue or Thurs)
Part 2: Sat. September 24
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Want to be part of growing greener, healthier communities? Get trained as a Canopy Planting Leader!
This two-part workshop is for adults and teens who want to help lead volunteer teams at community tree plantings in local schools, parks, and neighborhoods.
Part one is a classroom session that includes an introduction to urban trees, basic tree biology, proper tree-planting techniques, and best practices in young tree care.
Part Two is a hands-on field session that allows participants to put their knowledge to work planting young trees in the community.
No prior experience or knowledge is required; all skill levels are welcome! Current Canopy Planting Leaders are also welcome to attend as a refresher.
Community Happenings
Mountain View Trees: Pruning Workshop coming up
A great educational offering and volunteer opportunity from our friends at Mountain View Trees!

Hands-on Pruning Workshop
Saturday, September 17, 10am - 12pm
Mountain View Senior Center
266 Escuela Avenue, Mountain View

Guided by expert arborist Ray Morneau, volunteers will prune walnut trees at the Mountain View Senior Center. Questions? Email info@mountainviewtrees.org.

San Mateo County moves to protect oaks in unincorporated Menlo Park
Alarmed by disappearing oak trees in their unincorporated neighborhood, residents of Menlo Oaks reached out to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.
They urged the Board to pass an emergency ordinance putting a moratorium on tree removals in their neighborhood.
At the advisement of Planning Director Steve Monowitz, County Supervisors stopped short of a moratorium, but agreed to "fast-track" changes to tree regulations. Supervisors discussed changes such as increasing fines for not following tree-protection rules, hiring a county arborist, and soliciting help from the Sheriff's office.
The Board of Supervisors is set to review proposed changes to tree regulations in September. Mr. Monowitz anticipates the changes will take up to a year to be incorporated.
Canopy now hiring
Help us find our next Education Manager!
Join our team
Application period still open!
Canopy will continue accepting applications through August 20th for our open Education Manager position.
If you want to explore nature with budding tree-lovers of all ages, and you have a background in science education, we hope you'll apply! If you know others who might be interested, please share this opportunity.
Trees in the News
Volunteers help reforest india
Volunteers help reforest India in record-breaking tree planting
On July 11, more than 800,000 volunteers planted 50 million saplings in public spaces around the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.
The state coordinated the effort as a part of India's Paris Climate commitment to reforest twelve percent of their land by 2030. They've committed $6.2 billion to the task.
Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav says the massive tree planting will help fight climate change and address other big issues like pollution. 
According to experts, trees in mass plantings often have high mortality rates, but state officials plan to monitor the trees to increase survival.
India continues to explore reforestation efforts, with plans to increase the country's forest to thirty-three percent of its land area.
Tree mortality plagues forests in CA
"Forests of Fatalities" - Scientists predict more tree deaths in California
An unprecedented convergence of drought, Bark Beetle infestations, and Sudden Oak Death is killing California's trees in massive numbers.
So far, upwards of 66 million conifers and roughly 5 million oaks and tanoaks have died. Scientists say it's just the beginning.
Although affected trees are only a small percentage of California's billions of trees, the die-offs are significant because they're wiping out large concentrations of trees. Scientists say we've never seen forest ecosystem changes at this scale, and the long-term impacts remain unknown. Read more from CALmatters...
You can help! Oak Death open reporting project:
CALmatters is continuing to research forest mortality in California, and they're calling on the public to help out. All are invited to submit photos of any dead or dying oak in California, along with the city in which the tree is located.
Redwood trees - an answer to climate change_
Cloning Redwoods: Tree Climbers propose unconventional method to fight climate change
Like many tree lovers, David Milarch is concerned about the world's decimated forests and the global effects of climate change.
But Milarch proposes an unconventional climate change solution: cloning.
Milarch is the co-founder of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. Over two decades, his nonprofit has cloned 170 tree species and planted over 300,000 clones in seven countries. A recent cloning expedition took Milarch and his team of arborists to the sequoia forests of Camp Nelson, 100 miles southeast of Fresno, and then to the redwood forests of coastal northern California.
Milarch believes the size and robustness of sequoias and redwoods make them ideal for absorbing greenhouse gases. His team of expert volunteers made the recent expedition to restore Tree Archive's stock. The clones are now being nurtured and grown under a laboratory setting and later in the year will be planted in a region of Oregon to continue growing. Read more from KQED...
Also check out: The Man Who planted Trees (2015) - a remarkable book by journalist Jim Robbins, featuring Milarch and his cloning mission.
Just for Fun:
Squirrel's-Eye View?
Video footage from YouTuber Viva Frei
Squirrel steals GoPro and films mad dash through tree canopy
Ever wondered what it would be like to scamper through tree tops like a bushy-tailed squirrel?
Here's your chance to find out! Montreal-based YouTuber Viva Frei captured footage of just that--with a little help from his tree-dwelling friend!
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