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TreEnews - June 2016
Summer is on! Save water and save trees.
Save our Water and our Trees!
There's no question that Californians still need to save water. Long-term water deficits persist and longer dry spells are likely the new normal in our state.
Locally, Palo Alto's water supplier has requested a 10% reduction in Citywide water consumption compared to 2013 levels, and the City recently updated its water use restrictions to achieve this target.
Water-wise tree care is key
Faced with a hotter, drier future, investing in urban trees is more important than ever. Here's what you need to know to be water-smart, and still help your trees thrive:
  • Deep watering is the best, most efficient way to water your tree's root system. Water mature trees deeply and infrequently once a month or every other month. Most young trees need water about every other week.
  • Native oaks trees are a special case. Mature oaks should not be watered during the summer, since the combination of heat and moisture puts them at risk of fungal infestations.
  • Removing your lawn is a water-wise choice, but make sure to help your trees transition. If trees have grown accustomed to shallow, frequent lawn irrigation, they'll need time to adjust to less frequent, deeper watering. Learn more about protecting trees during turf conversion.
  • Mulch is your friend! 3-5 inches of mulch within the drip line of your tree will help conserve moisture and bolster soil health.

Learn more about water-saving tree care. 

WATCH: How-to Tree Watering Videos
Learn how to water young and mature trees with videos from the statewide Save our Water and our Trees campaign.
Coming up at Canopy  
Young Tree Care Survey
Palo Alto Young Tree Care Survey
Two Training and Survey Dates:
June 25 and July 16, 9am - 12pm
Meeting locations TBD
Learn more
Each year, Canopy volunteers and partners comb through Palo Alto neighborhoods to survey the health of hundreds of young street trees, and guide the city's young tree care efforts.

This is a fun, flexible volunteer opportunity for all ages -- and a great way to learn your street trees! Volunteers are welcome to attend one or both sessions. Learn more about the survey or sign up to volunteer. 

Explore trees and architecture
July Tree Walk: "At home among trees: Landscape and architecture"
Saturday, July 9, 10am - 12pm
Begins at 1276 Harriet St, Palo Alto
Join Canopy, architect Daniel Garber, and a leading arborist for a walk around the Lucie Stern Community Center and surrounding neighborhood. We'll explore how trees, landscape, and architecture interact as we encounter diverse tree species, including the London Plane Tree, Eastern Redbud, Flowering Dogwood, Australian Willow, and many more.
Eventos próximos en español
Upcoming events in Spanish
Pruning - Taller de arboles
Taller de Poda de Árboles
Spanish language Pruning Workshop
Saturday, June 18, 9am-12:30pm
Bell Street Park, East Palo Alto
Learn more
Los arboles de la calle
Caminata de Árboles
Spanish language Tree Walk
Saturday, June 18, 10 - 11:30am
Brentwood Elementary School, East Palo Alto
Learn more
Save the Dates! 
Inspire the next generation of nature stewards
3 consecutive Wednesdays
August 17, 24, and 31
Learn more
Help Lead neighborhood tree plantings
Planting Leader Training
Part 1: September 20 or 22
Part 2: September 24
Learn more
Highlights from the Field 
Junior Foresters celebrate a year of exploring and caring for their school trees
Jr. foresters show off their posters
We're so proud of our Willow Oaks Junior Foresters! These 4th and 5th graders explored and cared for trees on their school campus all year long as part of a Canopy pilot program.
Last week, the students "graduated" during a ceremony under their school's iconic willow tree. They took the Tree Steward Pledge, presented posters about what they've learned, and received their official Junior Forester certificates.
As one student wrote on their poster, "I felt happy because I got to help my community become a better place." Another student wrote, "With Canopy...we learn to keep the environment safe and healthy and good."
These students are nature stewards in the making. We can't wait to work with another group of Junior Foresters next year!
Our graduating class of Jr. Foresters
Community News 
Catherine and Pierre
Canopy Director, Catherine Martineau, and her husband enjoy "Double Take" during the grand opening in 2011.
Last chance to enjoy the willow sculptures at Palo Alto Art Center
Farewell ceremony happening this Sunday, June 12th, 3-4pm
If you've ever visited the Palo Alto Art Center, you've probably noticed "Double Take," the nest-like sculptures made out of willow branches.
The artwork was created by artist Patrick Dougherty in 2011, and the installation was always meant to be temporary. Now, the sculpture's time has finally come. Art Center staff say it has lost it's structural integrity, and will be sent to the chipper early next week.
The Art Center will hold a brief farewell ceremony this Sunday from 3-4pm, where the first part of the structure will be dismantled. The rest of the structure will be dismantled on Monday.
Thank you for your partnership 
YOU DID IT! A huge thank you to everyone who helped us meet our matching grant challenge this spring.
Support healthy trees and healthy communities
Thank you for helping us exceed our goal_
Not only did you help secure the full matching pool; you helped us do even more.
After we reached our goal, you didn't stop giving. So our generous challenge grant donors agreed to extend the match to every donation received through May 31st.
Now, thanks to your partnership, we're ready for another year of planting trees, caring for the urban forest, and empowering the next generation of environmental stewards.
Thank you for making this important work possible!
May Tree Gifts and Dedications:
May 1st - 31st, 2016

Lisa Abeyounis

in honor of Catherine Rosati

Lauren Meltzer 

in memory of Betty Meltzer and for all the generations to come. 

Janice Brody 

in honor of Catherine's wonderful work.

Anna Waring 

in honor of Catherine Martineau 

The gift of trees

Stepheny McGraw 

in honor of Susan Rosenberg 

Special thanks to recent Grantors:
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