Don't count on rain yet:
Trees still need water now
Cities call for residents to help care for trees
El Niņo rains may be on their way, but yard and street trees need water now. The City of Palo Alto is calling for residents
to help save trees that are suffering from drought:
  • Water trees in your yard and/or in front of your house.
  • Use smart watering techniques to save water and trees. See below, or visit for tips.
  • Contact City of Palo Alto's Urban Forestry Section to submit a tree care request for any publicly-owned street or park tree. Email, or call 650-496-5953.
Keep trees healthy with
smart watering and care
Tree care diagram: click for full brochure
Click for full brochure
ASSESS soil moisture
We've had light rain, but trees need deep watering to prevent or recover from drought stress. Probe the soil 12" below the surface -- if it's dry and crumbly, your tree needs water.

WATER your trees deeply
In the absence of a soaking rain, water your mature tree once per month, and young trees every other week. Water gradually and deeply, applying water to the tree's root zone, particularly around the drip line. Learn more about smart watering.

MULCH to conserve water and protect your tree
Mulch insulates tree roots, preserves moisture in the soil, suppresses weeds, and feeds nutrients into the soil as it breaks down. Apply mulch 3-5" deep over the root zone of your tree, keeping it a few inches away from the trunk to prevent rot.
How-to Tree Watering Videos
Learn how to water young and mature trees with videos from the statewide Save our Water and our Trees campaign.
Video: Watering Young Trees
Watering Young Trees
Video: Watering Mature Trees

Watering Mature Trees

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