August, 2014
Downtown North Tree Walk
Planting Leader Training
New Arborist List
Urban Forestry Success
Photos: Magnificent Trees
Tree Talk with Bob Roney
Meet Ranger Bob
Volunteer spotlight
Trees, Kids, Art
New Board Members
More Tre-E-vents
Saturday, August 9th
10am - 12pm

Take a walk with Canopy friends and Ellyn Shea, local arborist and educator, to discover species like the incense Cedar, Norway Maple, Liquidambar, Hollywood Juniper, and many more!
Meet at Johnson Park, on the corner of Hawthorne Avenue and Kipling Street.
RSVP online or just show up.
Part 1: September 4th & 5th (choose one date)
Part 2: September 6th

Want to be outside, meet new friends, and make a visible difference in the community?
Community Resource
Need a Tree Expert? Check out Canopy's

We recently redesigned our online Arborist List to make it searchable by service. Every company in our database has at least one ISA Certified arborist or ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist on staff.

A huge thank you to the Garden Club of Palo Alto Charitable Trust for funding this project, and to the many individuals who helped make it happen. Search the list now.
Community news
Success for Urban Forestry Division:

This was a big year for our valued partners at the City of Palo Alto's Urban Forestry Division -- new staff, new projects, and plenty of quality tree care and management.


Outcomes from this work are covered in the 2013-2014 Accomplishment Report.


One notable strength is a very low rate of disease and insect infestation. This is attributable to the diverse species mix and generally good health of Palo Alto's urban forest.


Just for fun
For a dose of visual inspiration, check out "16 of the most magnificent trees in the world" (at least in the opinion of one blogger). Naturally, our record California Sequoia made the list.
Giant Sequoia

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Trees of Yosemite:
Threatened Treasures
A campfire tree talk with 
Ranger Bob Roney
Trees of Yosemite - Click here to RSVP
Saturday, August 16th, 6:30 - 8:30pm
Boy Scout Fire Circle 
Lucie Stern Community Center
Meet Bob Roney:
Park Ranger, Master Naturalist, and lifelong steward of the land

Bob Roney has worked in Yosemite National Park for almost five decades.The park enthralls him as much today as when he first set foot there in 1967.

"It's like falling in love really," he says. "You know when you first meet somebody and you just want to learn everything you can about them -- it's been that way for me for forty years."

Learn more about Bob's work and love for Yosemite:

To hear Bob speak in person, join us for "Trees of Yosemite: Threatened Treasures" in Palo Alto on Saturday, August 16th. 

Volunteer Spotlight:
Pruners Extraordinaire
With the help of our hard-working Youth Staff and a handful of dedicated volunteers, we've pruned over 500 young trees this summer! Most of these trees were planted by Canopy in the last few years on school campuses in the Ravenswood City School District.
Pruning Volunteers pose for a group shot after a successful day of work.

Pruning urban trees when they are young is critical to their longevity, and greatly decreases the need for costly maintenance in later years. With regular pruning, the trees on these campuses can grow into healthy mature trees with good structure, offering their benefits of shade, greenery, and clean air for decades to come.

Thank you to all those who helped us accomplish this important work! A special thanks to our expert volunteer arborists for their help and guidance: Mick Bench, Brian Kempf, Kathy Alford, and Dave Muffly.

See more pruning photos from this summer and reaching back to Canopy's early days. 

Trees, Kids, and Art:
a Sense-ational Combination

When kids "connect the dots" between nature, trees, and their own daily lives it's a powerful learning experience--one that we hope plants a seed of stewardship that will grow throughout their lives.


Child holds out leaf One way to nurture that seed is to help kids explore these connections through creative expressions and outdoor adventures that engage their minds, bodies, and senses


Continuing a long-time partnership, Canopy joined artist and educator Lessa Bouchard at the Palo Alto Art Center for a "Sense-ational Tree Walk," one of Canopy's five education modules, combined with a paper-making and crafts class. 


The kids had a great time collecting tree parts like leaves, seeds, and flowers to use in their paper-making project. Along the way, they got to know their tree neighbors, learning about what keeps trees healthy, why they're important, and how they can care for trees in their community.

Canopy welcomes new board members
Canopy's new board members. We're happy to have them!

Canopy is honored to welcome four experienced individuals to our Board of Directors (from left): Geoff Paulsen, Marty Deggeller, Maria Rocha, and Sally O'Neil all bring invaluable perspective, skills, and energy to Canopy's leadership team. We are grateful to have them join us in this new capacity!

From left (back): David Collins, Geoff Paulsen, Marty Deggeller, and Susan Ellis.From left (front): Wen Shu Tang, Marilyn Keller, Maria Rocha, Susan Rosenberg, and Sally O'Neil. Not pictured: Beth Lim.
Read more about Canopy's Board of Directors.
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Canopy is a nonprofit environmental organization that plants and protects trees in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and neighboring communities. Thank you for helping us create a continuous, sustainable, and thriving urban forest that can be enjoyed today and by future generations.