Is Your Tree Thirsty?

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Is your tree getting enough water after a dry winter and hot weather? Read about our guidelines for watering trees. Learn about conserving water while giving your tree what it needs.
Sudden Oak Death Citizen-Scientist Volunteers Needed--June 1st
SOD  Sudden Oak Death in Marin County
Matteo Garbelotto  
Dr. Matteo Garbelotto, UC Berkeley
As many of you know, sudden oak death (SOD) is threatening the survival of tanoaks, coast live oaks, and several species of oaks in California. Last year, UC Berkeley researchers found that the disease is moving into urban areas faster than expected. 
To protect our oaks, Canopy has partnered with UC Berkeley to organize volunteers to participate in a weekend SOD-blitz in Palo Alto on June 1st.  Read more.

Jazmin & Brian: Their Stories
Jazmin youth staff
 Jazmin Perez, youth staff member from 2011 to 2013

Brian & Miguel Jr.

Brian Maldonado (pictured at right), youth staff member from 2012 to 2013. Pictured with Miguel Berumen, Jr. at Costaño Elementary


Brian Maldonado and Jazmin Perez, two of our youth staff members, are graduating in June. When they told us about their experience at Canopy, we were amazed to hear what they shared! Read their stories.

Canopy is Seeking a Summer Intern

 Natalia Schoorl and Michael Hawkins pictured above manage Canopy's summer internship program
We're looking for a summer intern. Do you know a college student with an interest in trees, nature, and the outdoors?

California Avenue Trees Pruned

Cal Ave pruning Dave Muffly  

Dave Muffly pruning on California Avenue, photo by Megan Manton

Nearly two and a half years after Canopy volunteers replanted street trees on California Avenue, the trees are doing well, but they were ready for pruning. 

On April 17th, skilled pruning volunteers from Canopy and the City of Palo Alto Urban Forestry staff came together to accomplish the job.  Led by arborist Dave Muffly, the team:
  • Reviewed pruning practices for the tree species on California Avenue
  • Removed co-dominant stems and retained temporary lower branches to encourage growth up and over business signage  
  • Removed support straps from trees where they were no longer needed

Tree Care at Barron Park Elementary

Stanford students volunteering with Canopy


On April 27th, in honor of Earth Day, 23 volunteers from Stanford University, Eastside College Prep, and high school students from Atherton cared for young trees. 


Thank you, volunteers! 


More photos.


Nature & Tree News
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To Be Rich With Trees

"Elephant" trunk on gingko tree at Vallombrosa Center, Menlo Park

"To be poor and be without trees, is to be the most starved human being in the world. To be poor and have trees, is to be completely rich in ways that money can never buy." 
May 2013
Is Your Tree Thirsty?
Sudden Oak Death Volunteers
Brian's & Jazmin's stories
Seeking Summer Intern
California Avenue Trees
Barron Park Elementary
National & International Tree News
To Be Rich With Trees
Ellyn Shea Downtown South Tree Walk May 11th  

Fun, Educational & Free!


Increase your tree literacy. Led by consulting arborist Ellyn Shea, you'll learn about 21 trees on the Downtown South Tree Walk.  


Tree Pruning Workshop June 15th


On June 15th, Brian Kempf will hold a hands-on young tree pruning workshop. 


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