2012/13 Planting Season Accomplishments!

Dear Friend of Canopy -


Thank you, Canopy volunteers and supporters, for a successful 2012/13 planting season!
To date, 1533 hardworking volunteers have planted 721 of 1,000  Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! (HT, HK!) trees.

Eighty percent of trees have been planted in the Ravenswood City School District in East Palo Alto and parts of Menlo Park; twenty percent, in the Palo Alto Unified School District. 

Help us complete the HT, HK! initiative--1,000 trees--in the 2013/14 planting season.   
Below, watch our newest video of Canopy's largest planting at Brentwood Academy.
New Canopy Video 
Microsoft employees plant 100 trees at Brentwood Academy with Canopy
Canopy plants 100 trees at Brentwood Academy with Microsoft.  Video produced by Microsoft

Watch our new video. 

4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Canopy

sprinkles canopy cupcakes 2  

Support Canopy in honor of Earth Day:

1.  April 22nd-26th:  Eat a cupcake. Share cupcakes.  Share a spread of Canopy cupcakes with your friends or coworkers. Tell them about Canopy. Invite them to a Canopy volunteer event or tree walk.  

Canopy cupcakes are available at Sprinkles April 22-26. Proceeds will be donated to Canopy.

2. April 27th:  Volunteer for a tree care work day at Cesar Chavez Academy. Sign up

3.  April 27th:  Visit Canopy at our table at The Great Race for Saving Water.

4. April 20th:  Support the City of East Palo Alto's new tree walks.  In honor of Earth Day, our friends at the City of East Palo Alto are launching a series of tree walks to raise awareness about trees in East Palo Alto.  Dave Muffly and Ken Greby will lead the walk on Saturday, April 20th, 10am-12pm. Meet at the corner of West Bayshore Road and Addison Avenue next to the freeway sound wall.
Trees Thrive in Stanford's Transplant Program

Tree Transplanting

Since 1996, Stanford has transplanted 1,048 trees.  Their success rate is remarkable:  85 percent of transplanted trees are thriving!  Read more

Our Volunteers in February and March 
Tree Planting:
  Costano volunteers
On February 11th, volunteers from Facebook, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and students and families from Costa˝o planted 41 trees at Costa˝o. See photos.
  young tree planters
On February 23rd, families of volunteers planted 20 trees at Rinconada Park.  See photos.
Page Mill planting volunteer

On March 16th, volunteers from Events and Adventures, Pacifica Institute Silicon Valley Branch, and Magnolia Science Academy planted 21 trees on Page Mill Road in Palo Alto.  See photos.
Tree Care Work Days:
Jenny Wei In March, volunteers weeded, mulched, and restaked young trees at Costa˝o School, Los Robles, and Hoover Elementary. 
Tree Pruning:
Kevin Raftery  
Kevin Raftery led a hands-on fruit tree pruning workshop at Inn Vision Shelter Network's Haven House. Volunteers, youth staff, and Haven House residents pruned the trees as part of the workshop.
Thank you, volunteers, for your dedication and hard work!
Arbor Day Celebration
El Palo Alto Celebration:

Girls climbing trees  Photo by Federica Armstrong 

To kick off Arbor Day, El Palo Alto got a "spa day" and health check up. Stay tuned for the report and video available in June.

Tree Circus at Ravenswood City School District:
Tree Circus logs to lumber
The fabulously fun, Tree Circus, came to town (thanks to a CAL FIRE grant) to educate and entertain students at Willow Oaks School and Costa˝o School.  Using props, music and the character, Dr. R Bor E Tum, students learned about the biology of trees, the products that come from trees, and how to care for trees. 

Nature & Tree News
Highlights of News We Shared on Twitter and Facebook


A bird ballet | Music Video
A bird ballet | Music Video


Global Warming Pushing Trees North: The EvidenceDiscovery News


Urban Trees Help Migrating Birds, BBC News


Ancient Giant Trees Found Petrified in ThailandDiscovery News


How Nature Resets Our Minds and Bodies, Adam Alter, The Atlantic 


Portable EEG technology enables new research to track brain functioning in nature, New York Times


Two types of online tree tools for teachers, homeowners, and others: iTree and ecoSmart Landscapes


Tree art, Alastair Heseltine


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Donate an iPad?

Natalia Schoorl

Are you upgrading your iPad? Canopy's tree care coordinator, Natalia Schoorl (pictured above on the right) needs a tablet computer to take into the field to track information on Canopy's growing inventory of trees. Do you have a 3G-enabled iPad or other tablet computer you could donate?  Contact Natalia.

A Sycamore, Tony Hoagland

 sycamore bark
Photo from Tree Boss

There was a sycamore in Arizona I cared
enough about to take into my heart, and now

I hear the wind moving through its branches
just below my clavicle.
Tony Hoagland, Second Nature
April 2013
2012/13 Planting Season Accomplishments
New Canopy Video
Earth Day with Canopy
Stanford's Tree Transplant Program
Volunteers in Feb & Mar
Arbor Day Celebration
Tree News from Around the World
Donate an iPad?
A Sycamore, Tony Hoagland
The Palo Alto Forest Exhibit Ends April 14th  

Don't miss it!


The Palo Alto ForestLast chance! The Community Creates Palo Alto Forest exhibit at the Palo Alto Art Center ends on April 14th


Palo Alto Art Center hours


Combine your visit with Friday Night Art Night or Spring Family Day.

Historical Tree Talk Sunday April 7th  

Palo Alto Historical Association

McClenahan John McClenahan, fourth generation arborist with local S.P. McClenahan Company, will give a talk about trees from a historical perspective.


Downtown North Tree Walk April 9th  

Fun, Educational & Free!


Increase your tree literacy. Led by consulting arborist Ray Morneau, you'll learn about 24 trees on the Downtown North Tree Walk, which begins at the corner of Hawthorne and Kipling at 10am.


Buy Sprinkles Cupcakes to Support Canopy April 22-26

Sprinkles Earth Day cupcakes for Canopy Sprinkles is making Canopy cupcakes in honor of Earth Day. Buy Canopy cupcakes at Sprinkles and the proceeds will be donated to Canopy. 

Earth Day Volunteers Needed  for Tree Care April 27th


In honor of Earth Day, please join us to care for young trees planted on the Cesar Chavez campus in East Palo Alto on April 27th. More information.


Tree Pruning Workshop June 15th


On January 15th, Brian Kempf will hold a hands-on pruning workshop to train Canopy volunteers. This program is part of Canopy's plan to build a cadre of tree care leaders. 


Mark your calendar. More information available in May.

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Canopy is a not-for-profit environmental organization that plants and protect trees in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and neighboring communities. Thank you for helping us create a continuous, sustainable, and thriving urban forest that can be enjoyed today and by future generations.
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