Dear Troop Leaders & Cookie Managers,


Hopefully you're having a lot of fun with your girls working on cookie badges, setting goals and encouraging each other! We hope your troops are learning a lot about the 5 Skills (Money Management, Decision Making, Goal Setting, People Skills and Business Ethics) while you're having fun!


It's almost time for your troop's initial cookie orders to be input into Snap. Remember that you can always get more cookies after the initial orders arrive; you just pick them up at your cupboard. More information will come in February on cupboards so keep an eye out! If you're a troop that just formed or got a late start there's still time!


To place your troop's initial order you will need your girls' order cards. Make sure you have communicated to your parents that you need order cards and don't forget you need to give the parents the order cards back so the girls know who to delivery cookies to. Once you have them you can proceed with your troop's order by following the step-by-step instructions below.


Before you get started take a few minutes and review this four minute video. Please note that the video was made before 2014 Snap updates and some of the background screens may look a little different. The order process and directions are the same.


1.      Log in to Snap. If you do not have a Snap log in please email your Service Unit Product Sales Manager (SU PSM) or asap. If you have a log in but get an error try clicking "reset password" below the password field. Again, if this doesn't work you'll need to contact your SU PSM or before you can proceed.


2.      Once you are logged in hover over the cookies icon at the top of the screen. A drop down menu will appear. Click INITIAL ORDER.


3.      The girls in your troop should be listed on this screen. If you are missing a girl see the information below regarding missing girls in Snap. Please note that the UOM (Unit of Measure) is packages and that you want to place each girl's order by the packages she needs.




a.       The first column listed says CSHARE. This column is for troops participating in our Council Cookie Share for Harvesters. If your troop did not participate in Cookie Share or participated but not for Harvesters you will NOT USE THIS COLUMN! See note below on how to manage Cookie Share for troops collecting for organizations other than Harvesters.


b.      DO NOT CLICK COMMIT unless you are 100% done with your order. If you need to step away from the order you can click save and then access the order again later by hovering over the "Cookies" icon and then clicking "Manage Orders." Your order will appear in a screen; you can either double click the order or click on the pencil icon and your order form will appear. If you accidentally click commit and didn't mean to contact your SU PSM or email us at and we'll uncommit the order. Don't be shy-a few people do it every year!


c.      You must order by 11:59 PM, CST, on January 31, 2014.


d.      Cookies come in cases and are packed in 12 packages per case.


5.      Enter the number of packages (not cases) needed by each girl by each variety.


6.      Once you are done entering girl orders make a note of the "Extra Packages for Even Cases" line in gray. This line will show you how many packages of each variety your troop will receive in addition to the packages needed for the girl's individual orders. Remember that cookies are delivered to the troop in cases and your troop is responsible for the extras you receive. They cannot be returned.


7.      If you need more cookies than what you are getting via the "Extra Packages" line of the order, you may add more packages to the "Booths/Extras" line of the order form. On page 11 of the Troop Cookie Manager Handbook you'll find a chart with a breakdown of the popularity of the varieties of cookies in our council. If you are having a booth sale make sure you have Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties and Caramel deLites.


8.      Review your order. The bottom two lines of the order (blue background/white lettering) list the total number of packages and total number of cases that you are ordering for your troop. Make sure they are correct!


9.      Once you have completed your order click Commit.


10.  If you realize you have an error after clicking commit contact your SU PSM or email cookies no later than February 3, 2014. We may be able to adjust.*


How to manage Cookie Share for troops collecting for organizations other than Harvesters: If your troop is collecting packages of cookies for Cookie Share that are not going to Harvesters you will need to order the cookies in Snap as if you received an order for a specific variety. Or you can take from the inventory that is coming via the "Extra Packages" on the order in Snap. (If you take from the extra inventory you will need to later transfer cookies from the troop to the girl so she receives credit. We will send out instruction on transferring cookies in a later Cookiegram.)


Keep in mind you'll be getting the physical packages of cookies because it's up to your troop to also deliver the cookies to the organization that you chose. We would suggest tacking the orders on to the top selling cookies. As a troop you can always use, or trade for, Thin Mints!


Here's an example:

Troop 12345 is participating in Cookie Share by supporting the Anytown Elementary School's backpack program. Susie, a member of T12345, sold 14 packages of cookies for Cookie Share. Susie's leader needs to add the cookies to Susie's order so Susie gets credit for the sales and so that T12345 gets the physical packages of cookies needed for the donation. Susie's leader adds 14 packages of Thin Mints to Susie's line order so that the troop has extra Thin Mints and the troop has packages to deliver.



Keep in mind that you may need to get a few more packages of cookies at the end of the program if you sell more packages for consumption than you need for donation.


If you have any questions on this please email us at


*Our ability to adjust your order will be dependent on how quickly you contact us and how complete your information is.


Need more Materials?

We have lots of Cookie Order Cards, Goal Posters, Receipt Books and Money Envelopes in stock. If you need additional materials please stop by any GSKSMO office to pick up, ask your SU PSM or attend a SU Meeting.


Council Banking Materials

We have processed many orders for troops over the last few weeks. Thank you so much to the troops who have reached out. If your troop does not have COUNCIL BANKING MATERIALS it's imperative that you email us at


Thanks for all you do to make this a fun and skill-building experience for girls!



    Email us!