Dear Girl Scout Parents and Caregivers,


Happy New Year and welcome to the 2014 Cookie Program! It's officially time to start taking orders, but this isn't just another fundraiser! Did you know that this program is the largest girl-run business in the world? Countless business and community leaders credit their start to the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Just like other GS alumnae, your Girl Scout will learn while she earns.


The "5" Skills She Learns

Girl Scouting aims to empower girls through the development of five cookie skills:

  1. Goal setting - Mission: Totally Possible! Girls work together to set their team goal.
  2. Decision-making - Make Smarter Decisions! Girls problem solve to meet their goal.
  3. Money management - Change Happens! Girls think it is cool to manage the finances.
  4. People skills - Every box = Confidence! Girls connect with others at cookie booths.
  5. Business ethics -Selling Cookies is Doing the Right Thing! Girls build trust with others.

Help her earn the Cookie Activity Pin    Powerful research behind the Cookie Program


4 Cool Things You May Not Know About the Cookie Program


100% of the cookie proceeds stay with our council! See the full breakdown here


Cranberry Citrus Crisps - new this year! Cookies are $4.00 per package and girls should only collect money when they deliver the order. Meet all the cookies now

(please note: our council is not selling the gluten free option due to a higher price point).  



The Cookie Program goes high-tech! Help your daughter manage her Cookie Program through COCOmobile (free app from iPhone) see a great You Tube video or COCO Command (an online tool). 


New Girl Voted Recognitions! Your Girl Scout gave us her feedback for recognitions and we made the change to add more experiences like a mother/daughter camp-out at CoCo Key or a family night at the movies + check out the new Cookie Dough! 

3 Ways You Can Be a Part of Your Girl Scout's Experience


Engage her - Talk with your Girl Scout about her individual and troop goals, have her practice making the ask and counting back change and talk with her about Cookie Share (customers can buy cookies and donate them to Harvester's or a cause the troop has selected).


Get involved - Parents and caregivers can definitely support by chaperoning for door to door sales, volunteering to be the adult at a cookie booth sale or taking your Girl Scout to your workplace (remember this is a girl's business, so if you take her order card - make sure she writes thank you notes or stays involved with customers). See some fun tools to use


Support Troop Leaders & Cookie Managers - This program is made possible because of generous volunteers who are willing to give their time to make your Girl Scout's experience fantastic. Please be willing to support them in  meeting deadlines and saying "yes" to volunteer requests (like cookie delivery day and booth sales).


2 Ways You Can Find Support


Your first point of contact is always your Girl Scout's Troop Leader or Cookie Mom / Dad. You should be receiving information from them throughout the Cookie Program.


We also have a Cookie Team ready to support the troop's volunteers. If we can help get you connected or answer questions, please contact us at


Your Girl Scout is our #1 Priority!


Thank you for your support of the Cookie Program and for letting us be a part of your Girl Scout's leadership journey! We look forward to an exciting Cookie Season!!




Joy Wheeler

Chief Executive Officer




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