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E-Newsletter 7/6/16

 Sunny Summer Savings now through 7-17-16!! Come by to check out all sale items at Hillermann Nursery and Florist!!

We have many great plants still available!

Container flower garden available at Hillermann Nursery and Florist!  

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Fresh cut flowers
Summer Kids' Camp,
Make a Floral Arrangement
Wednesday, July 6
from 10:00 to 11:00 am
       Come learn how to be a floral designer! Today you will have a chance to make your own floral arrangement with our designers! $10.00 supply fee per child.
Please call 636-239-6729 to sign up.

 Hypertufa containers - lightweight planters that look like concrete   Hand made concrete leaf at Hillermann Nursery and Florist  

Summer Kids' Camp,
HyperTuffa & Leaf Making - Part 1
Wednesday, July 20 from 10:00 to 11:00 am
       Get ready to get messy! We will be making our own HyperTuffa planter! We will also be making a leaf from concrete! Make sure to visit us the following week as well, to finish our projects! $15.00 supply fee per child covers Part 1 & Part 2.
Please call 636-239-6729 to sign up.
Summer Kids' Camp,
HyperTuffa & Leaf Making - Part 2
Wednesday, July 27 from 10:00 to 11:00 am
       Summer Kids' Camp, HyperTuffa & Leaf Making Part 2- (10:00 to 11:00 am) Included with July 20th supply fee - The fun and messiness continues this week! We will be planting the HyperTuffa pots with plants and painting the leaves! July 20th fee covers both sessions of the two-part class.
Please call 636-239-6729 to sign up.

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Japanese Beetle on a leaf
Japanese Beetles and Controlling Them
       Japanese Beetles are very destructive insects. As adults, they feed on over 300 species of plants and in the turf as grubs.
       Adults emerge in May through June depending on the area. They fly to a plant, feed, release a pheromone and mate. This pheromone attracts others, so numerous beetles will be found in a small area.
      After feeding occurs, the female flies to an area of turf and burrows down into the soil and lays 1 to 5 eggs. She re-emerges to feed, mate and lay eggs again. She repeats this until she has laid 40 to 60 eggs in a 6 to 8 week period.
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Bagworm life cycle stages
Bagworms and Controlling Them
       A Bagworm is a perennial moth like insect that resides on a number of evergreen as well as junipers in its larva stage. It causes extensive damage to plants and trees.
     Bagworms winter over as eggs in the bag of the female from the year before. Therefore, your first measure of control can come by hand-picking all the bags from last year. These eggs hatch mid to late May through the end of June. Individual larvae drop from the bag on a strand of silk and either swing onto a branch or sail in the wind to another tree. Immediately upon landing, they build a silk-lined bag, often decorating it with bits of foliage. Larvae remain in the bag feeding, with only the head and thoracic segment extending out.
       They are very small when they hatch, as the larvae grows, the bag expands the protective bag to accommodate its size.
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Million Pollinator Garden Challenge
Million Pollinator Garden Challenge -
       The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge is a campaign to register a million public and private gardens and landscapes to support pollinators.
       Pollinators are responsible for 1 out of 3 bites of food we take each day, and yet pollinators are at critical point in their own survival. Many reasons contribute to their recent decline. We know for certain, however, that more nectar and pollen sources provided by more flowering plants and trees will help improve their health and numbers. Increasing the number of pollinator-friendly gardens and landscapes will help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across the country.
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Washington In Bloom logo
Washington In Bloom
Yard of the Month Contest

       Washington In Bloom is offering the Yard of the Month contest in conjunction with the America In Bloom program. The contest runs May through October. Judging will be done the first week of the month. Judging will be based on front yard areas only. They are looking for best curb appeal (lawns, shrubs, flowers and trees). You can enter through the Washington Parks Office. Call the Washington Parks Department at 636-390-1080 for more information.
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The Pot Shop logo   Fairy Doors garden decor created by the Pot Shop located inside the Garden Center at Hillermann Nursery and Florist 

       Visit the Pot Shop in the Garden Center at Hillermann Nursery & Florist. Watch the artists at work creating hand made pottery and browse our finished pieces. See pottery in all the different stages of creating, firing and glazing!
       Pottery Classes: We are enrolling now for adult and kids pottery summer classes! Learn to make your own pottery items with hands on instruction! Supplies are included.
       Pottery Parties: This is a great group activity for all ages! Each guest can create hers or his own piece of pottery. Click here for more information on Pottery Parties.
       Pottery Membership: With a membership, you can join us during our open hours to make your own pottery. The Pot Shop is an open studio for all new and experienced potters to practice their skills. Click here for more information on Pottery Membership.
For more information, call Noreen at (636)584-3169 or send an email to
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Plant a pantry for pollinators! Flower and plant pictures with text. Pollinator Pantry Provider - Hillermann Nursery and Florist,

Here are some links for more information on pollinators
and pollinator gardens: 
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A cat, puppy and a dog
Adopt A Pet Today!  


Franklin County Humane Society
1222 West Main Street, Union, MO 63084
Phone: 636-583-4300 ~ Website

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