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President's Message   
Winter 2013
January 2013

Dear EAP Member,  


In the novel, "Tale of Two Cities,"

Joe Henry
Joe Henry, EAP President 

Charles Dickens starts by  writing: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." In many ways, we can apply that statement to the times we live in today.

With the recent violence in Connecticut, and problems throughout the world, it certainly feels like the worst of times. The economy has been in somewhat of a tail spin, trying to right itself. We wonder, how did we get ourselves into this position?  


And, more importantly, how will we get out?


We all to a degree have seen the effects the economy has had on business, our industry, and in some cases our personal lives. The world sometimes feels like it's out of control. But with the resiliency of the American public, life continues. And although we never forget these incidents, time truly marches on and normalcy sets in...


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EAP Officers Elected


Congratulations to our new Electrical Association of Philadelphia

officers.  And  thank you to our outgoing President, Kevin Lane of United Electric Supply Company.      


Joseph Henry

Cusick Electrical Sales, Inc.


Vice President

Kim Schneider

Kim Schneider Electrical Contracting



Brigid Falasca

Eaton Corporation 



Kenneth Hull, Jr.


Welcome New Members 


America's Best Mechanical & Electrical Contracting, James Campbell Electric, GR Electric LLC, Guerrera & Sons Electric, Inc., Lighting Solutions, Inc., M. J. Mac, Inc., John O'Donnell Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, and Trotter Industries Electrical Contractors   
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Question of the Month Answered

December 2012  


NOTE: EAP December "Question of the Month" - ANSWERED!


December's question concerned "tie-wraps" (sometimes called "cable ties" or "zip ties"). 

BACKGROUND: As you may well know, a tie-wrap, also known as a "zip tie" or "cable tie," is a type of fastener, especially for binding several wires or electronic cables together, and used to organize cables and wires.


QUESTION: If you are on an outside job, and you could use either a bundle of white tie wraps, or a bundle of black tie wraps, which should you use and why?


Assume that both sets of wraps have the same (1) length, (2) weight, (3) width, (4) tensile strength, and (5) head.


ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION: The black cable tie is to be used outside because it has a UV resistant rating to prevent damage from exposure to sunlight.


From those contestants who had the right answer, this name was picked at random:

Joe Gallagher           

Company: AQUA Pennsylvania, Inc


Congratulations, Joe, on getting the right answer and winning the $50 prize for December.


The EAP would like to thank Kim Schneider of Kim Schneider Electrical Contracting for posting the question for December 2012.


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Michal Hofkin for EA Extra


Volume 12, Number 38


By: Michal Hofkin

Senior Electrical Inspector,
Middle Department Inspection Agency, Inc.  



Welcome back to the Code Corner! This month we  

will answer some questions that have been asked around the industry lately. Remember, if you have a question,  

please submit it and we'll try to answer it in a future article.


Q. Does an outdoor convenience receptacle installed at a shopping center require a bubble cover and must it be listed as weather resistant?


A. Yes. Section 406.8(B) (2008 NEC) requires the use of a weather-proof-while-in-use cover and a WR receptacle. The rule requiring the WR receptacle applies to all installations of 15- and 20-ampere, 125- and 250-volt non-locking receptacles. The rule requiring a bubble cover applies to all installations of 15- and 20-ampere, 125- and 250-volt receptacles, regardless of whether they are of the locking type or not. This information is located in Section 406.9(B) in the 2011 NEC.



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