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Spring  2015  

Kim S. Schneider Elected  

EAP President 


Kim Schneider, electrical contractor, assumed the office of EAP President as of January 1, 2015. The EA Extra (EAX) interviewed him recently at the beginning of his two-year term:

EAX: What are your priorities as incoming president of the EAP? 


I would like to say that I am honored to be elected President of the EAP. It is an organization with a great history and a very promising future. Some of the very best people in our industry are involved, and more are joining everyday.

That said, I have three priorities as your new President:

(1)    Increase membership by retaining our current members and recruiting new ones.  We don't want just anyone.  We want the best in companies in the Region with the same high standards as the EAP.

(2)    Find ways to get more involvement from younger people within our industry.  This is happening now through "Focus Groups" that we are holding.  Younger people enjoy meeting in these Groups, and they help us see the EAP through a different "lens."

(3)    Constantly look for ways to bring value to our members.  One thing that I've learned is that our Association member companies have very different needs and wants.  For instance, the manufacturers concentrate on the Electric Expo held every two years.  The electrical contractors value our education programs, contractor referrals, and bulletins from municipalities and PECO.  Our H&AC contractors value our Rebate Program and referrals.  Distributors, electrical engineers, inspectors, and others value different things.  In essence, the EAP is six or more different segments of the industry all bundled into one well-recognized Association. 


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City of Philadelphia - NOTICE   
Licensing and Inspections Announces 
New Safety Training Requirements

The following code changes will take effect on September 30, 2015:

OSHA 10 Safety Training (Or Equivalent)
All workers directly performing construction or demolition activities for which permits have been issued are required to complete OSHA 10 safety training or an approved equivalent. (Philadelphia Code, Title 4, Subcode A, Section A-1001.4). This requirement applies to all employees of licensed contractors (including plumbing, electrical, fire- suppression and warm-air contractors) AND State-registered Home Improvement Contractors.

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New Members

Welcome to our new members!

B-Line by Eaton

Digital Filaments, LLC

E. T. Electric, LLC

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.

Gelet Electrical & Mechanical Contractor


Johnstone Supply

King Heating and Air Conditioning

I.T. Landes Company

Patrick J. Linskey Residential Mechanical, LLC

Live Wire Electric, Inc.


William Smerican, LLC


Michal Hofkin for EA Extra


Volume 14, Number 37


Michal Hofkin, 
Senior Electrical Inspector,
Middle Department Inspection Agency, Inc.  





Let's Calculate Our Next Move



Greetings from the Code Corner! In this edition we will explore the calculation that is necessary in order to size a permanently installed generator with automatic transfer equipment for a single-family dwelling.


The 2008 National Electrical Code (NFPA-70) in Article 702 - Optional Standby Systems, will guide us through the process.  In Section 702.5(B) we are given the rule that we must follow to size the system. That section states "The calculations of load on the standby source shall be made in accordance with Article 220 or by another approved method." For the purposes of this article we will refer to the procedures in Article 220.:


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Copyright 2000-2014 Michal Hofkin. All Rights Reserved.
Spring Reception - EAP Honors Gene Biben


Over one hundred and seventy (170) guests joined in honoring Gene Biben, CPMR, President of Joseph E. Biben Electrical Sales, at the EAP Spring Reception on Saturday, March 28, 2015. Gene is a Past President of The Electrical Association, and has served on the EAP Board for the last 26 years. Guests loved the unique location: The Philadelphia Zoo, PECO Primate Reserve. And they enjoyed not only the camaraderie, but also the excellent food and drink, and the music by The Jeff Dershin Trio.


EAP President Kim Schneider, Nickum Schneider Electrical Contracting, welcomed all of the guests. Bob Duff, President of Carr and Duff, spoke of Gene's extraordinary contribution to the industry and to the EAP. He presented Gene with a beautiful picture of Boathouse Row, in recognition of his service. Gene accepted the honor, and thanked all of his family, friends, and professional colleagues in attendance.


Electric Expo 2015  

October 28 & 29 

Valley Forge Event Center  

Updated Announcement to LED Lighting Incentives: 

March 25, 2015


PECO encourages customers to convert to highly efficient lighting technologies.


New LED lighting technology is evolving and PECO will continue to offer customers the opportunity to receive incentives for these lighting technologies through PECO Smart Ideas.


Effective March 25, 2015, incentive requirements for indoor linear LED tubes have changed. All linear LED tubes that use an integrated driver operated directly through line voltage (bypassing an external electronic ballast or LED Driver), also referred to as "Type B" TLEDs, will not qualify for an incentive. This is due to the wide variety of installation characteristics of these types of lamps and the inherent potential safety concerns of being powered directly from the line voltage.


Linear LED tube eligibility requirements:

  • Must be listed on the Design LightsTM Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List
  • Lamps must have an integrated driver and be driven through electronic T8 fluorescent ballast


  • Lamps must be driven via external LED driver

Linear LED tubes retrofit incentive Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can fixtures with existing magnetic ballasts be retrofitted with electronic ballasts to qualify? Yes, fixtures with existing magnetic ballasts can be retrofitted with electronic ballasts to qualify for the T8 linear LED tube retrofit incentive.
  • Can the existing electronic ballast be used while retrofitting the fixture with linear LED tubes? Yes, the existing electronic ballast can be used while retrofitting the fixture with T8 linear LED tubes.
  • Do the T8 linear LED tubes have to be DLC listed to qualify? Yes, all LED tubes have to be DLC listed to qualify for the T8 linear LED tube retrofit incentive.
  • Would LED tubes powered by a remote driver qualify? Yes, LED tubes connected to a remote driver (i.e. LED tubes that do not have integrated drivers and are not driven through electronic ballast) will qualify for the T8 linear LED tube retrofit incentive.
  • Would LED tubes wired directly to line voltage qualify? No, lamps wired directly to line voltage will not qualify for any incentive.
  • Are these changes applicable to both retrofitted as well as new linear LED fixtures? Yes, these changes are applicable to both retrofitted as well as new linear LED fixture
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