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President's Message
VIDEO: 11th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference Invitation
Asbestos: One Word. One World. One Week. April 1-7, 2015 Global Asbestos Awareness Week
1st Conference of the European Asbestos Forum
"Canada is on the sidelines when it comes to banning asbestos trade" by Kathleen Ruff
Press Release: Nearly 40 Global Asbestos Experts to Present at the 2015 Conference
"Meet the Speakers, Honorees, and ADAO Leadership" 11-Week Blog Series
Conference Scholarship Applications || Extended Deadline March 15
Honor Those You Love: 2015 Conference Family Tributes || Extended Deadline March 15
"Asbestos Is a Bigger Problem than Most Have Estimated" - Dr. Jukka Takala
Thanks to Lifelong Anti-asbestos Advocate Romana Blasotti Pavesi
Heather Von St. James Organized Another Inspirational Lungleavin Day Celebration
MARF 2015 Malignant Mesothelioma Symposium in Washington, D.C.
ADAO Keynotes at the PACNY 19th Annual Environmental Conference
"Asbestos: Still Legal. Still Everywhere." Congressional Staff Briefing hosted by the Environmental Working Group
Congressman Johnson: "The FACT Act (H.R. 526) is morally reprehensible"
Sign the Petition Urging MP Nick Clegg to allow the Medical Innovation Bill to be debated.
Rare Disease Day on February 28, 2015
ADAO Opposes the "Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency (FACT) Act" (H.R. 526)
"I Once had it All, Now I am so Lost"- Wayne's Story
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 2014 Year in Review


Register for the 2015 Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference!


2015 Conference Sponsors and Donors 


April 17 - 19, 2015 Annual Conference 


ADAO Video with Acting U.S. Surgeon General and Mesothelioma Patients


ADAO "Share Your Story Collection" 


2015 Conference "Meet the Speaker, Honoree, and ADAO Leadership"


ADAO SlideShare PowerPoints


INFOGRAPHIC: "Asbestos is Legal and Lethal in the USA"


INFOGRAPHIC: ADAO Asbestos Conferences 2005-2014


2014 U.S. Surgeon General Statement


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For the past 11 years, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) has been dedicated to asbestos disease prevention and awareness. As the largest independent asbestos victim's organization in the United States, ADAO is one of the most trusted anti-asbestos non-profits, and has upheld its commitment to providing the public, government, and victims with the most current and informative educational materials. This month we have continued campaigning for asbestos victims along with global public health, opposing the FACT Act with a hand delivered letter to congress, supporting Rare Disease Day, presenting at PACNY's 19th Environmental Conference on "Asbestos - The Human Cost of Inaction," and featuring blogs with new asbestos facts from experts such as Dr. Jukka Takala. Also mark your calendars for Asbestos Awareness Week, just around the corner, April 1-7, 2015!


In the interest of continuing our mission, ADAO is also excited to launch our new "Hear Asbestos. Think Prevention." Campaign, which focuses on preventing asbestos exposure by featuring essential asbestos prevention materials. For more related information, please visit the educational resource library on our main site

The 11th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference, "Where Knowledge and Action Unite," taking place this April 1-7, 2015 in Washington D.C. is ramping up to be our biggest and most educational event yet with nearly 40 speakers from 11 countries. Please join us for this world class event, and remember that scholarship opportunities are available - the extended deadline is March 15th. 

Thank you for being ADAO's voice and joining us in the fight to ban asbestos!

Together, change is possible. ~ Linda Reinstein, Social Networks 

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, does not make legal referrals.
Featured Video
11th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference Invitation 
Global News


Mark your calendar now: check in with ADAO every day during April 1-7, 2015 for Global Asbestos Awareness Week! Each day will focus on cutting edge information, the best educational resources, profile leading organizations raising awareness, feature videos and music, of course, "Share Your Stories.  


While promising research continues, prevention remains the only cure. Watch for the Global Asbestos Awareness Week launch blog soon!


Yvonne Waterman, a Global Ban Asbestos Network (GBAN) Charter Member from the Netherlands, will be hosting a large international asbestos conference at the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on May 27th. The European Asbestos Forum (EAF) aims to improve networks and sharing asbestos knowledge across borders and asbestos sectors. 'Sharing makes us stronger!' is the motto. Read More ... 


"Canada is sending a terrible message to the rest of the world. Oppose responsible trade; reject scientific evidence; obstruct international co-operation. 


The Harper government makes a lot of noise about how sitting on the sidelines is contrary to Canadian values."  Read More ... 



Press Release: ADAO Announces Nearly 40 Global Asbestos Experts to Present at the 2015 Conference


ADAO is the only U.S. nonprofit that organizes annual conferences dedicated to preventing and eliminating asbestos-caused diseases. Join us for the 11th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference, "Where Knowledge and Action Unite," on April 17 - 19 in Washington, D.C,  Read more... 


ADAO is proud to present the weekly series" Meet the Speakers, Honorees, and Leadership," highlighting one or several attendees at our highly-anticipated 11th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference!  Below are the first five, but stay tuned, there are 6 more blogs you will want to read and share.


February 2, 2015 - ADAO National Spokesperson & Performer: Jordan Zevon


Monday, February 9, 2015 - Keynote Speakers: Dr. Jorma Rantanen and Susan Vento


Monday, February 16, 2015 - Honorees: American Public Health Association (APHA), Troi Atkinson, The Brazilian Labour Public Ministry, International Mesothelioma Interest Group (iMig), Ellen Patton Dr. Jorma Rantanen


Monday, February 23, 2015 - Speakers: Session I: Earl Dotter, Dr. Arthur Frank, Richard Lemen PhD, MSPH, Sandra Neuenschwander, Linda Reinstein


Monday March 2, 2015- Speakers: Session II: Moderator: Dr. Christine Oliver and Speakers: Arturo Aguilar, Dr. Brad Black, Dr. Robert Cameron, Prof. Dean Fennell,  Dr. Raja Flores, Dra. Guadalupe Madrid, Dr. Aubrey Miller, Celeste Monforton, DrPH, Ellon Patton, Dr. Jorma Rantanen, and Dr. John Wheeler

ADAO Conference Scholarship Applications Available! 



ADAO is excited to announce the new International Asbestos Awareness Conference Scholarships!  Thanks to the generosity of many, we are pleased to announce that - for the first time - we will be offering a handful of need-based conference scholarships to victims, family members, and occupational health students and workers.  The expense of just hosting Saturday's academic portion of the conference as well as Sunday's Brunch totals more than $175 per person. This scholarship provides a great opportunity to those who otherwise could not afford to join asbestos experts, victims, and activists from around the world at the 11th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference.

Three types of scholarships are being offered this year:

To apply for any of these three opportunities, please fill out the single Scholarship Application Form, including a brief statement (250-300 words) about how you'd use what you learn at the conference to drive asbestos awareness and prevention through education, advocacy, and/or community support.  Please email this form to by March 15, 2015Read more... 

Honor Those You Love: 2015 Conference Family Tributes






GUEST BLOG: "Asbestos Is a Bigger Problem than Most Have Estimated" - Dr. Jukka Takala

Dr. Jukka Takala is a senior consultant at the Workplace Safety and Health Institute (WSH) and Adjunct Professor at Tampere University of Technology, Finland. He is a world renowned doctor with over 40 years of experience in occupational safety. Prior to joining the WSH Institute, he was the Director of the European Agency for Safey and Health at Work (EU-OSHA). He also held several positions in the ILO (International Labor Organization) in Africa, Asia and at the ILO Headquarters for the Read More...



ADAO sends our heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Romana Blasotti Pavesi. On March 3rd, Romana , a world-renowned anti-asbestos advocate, resigned from her position as president of the Italian Association of Asbestos Victims' Relatives (AFEVA). Dedicating her life truth and justice, Romana lead efforts to prosecute Stephan Schmidheiny and Baron Jean-Louis de Cartier de Marchienne, for causing both health and environmental disasters.

Thank you Romana for devoting decades to truth and justice - you are inspirational to all - not only in Casale Monferrato, Italy but around the world. Con amore! ~ Linda  Read more...

Heather Von St. James, inspirational Mesothelioma Warrior, friend, and ADAO supporter, hosted the Lungleavin Day Celebration on February 7!  The event, which she and her family have coordinated over the last 9 years, since she was diagnosed and underwent surgery for pleural mesothelioma. Read More... 


Excitedly Attended MARF 2015 Malignant Mesothelioma Symposium in Washington, D.C. 


It feels like yesterday when I attended my first Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (MARF) Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma in 2004, as I was seeking medical information for my husband, Alan.  Alone, isolated and in pain, I joined others with similar tragic experiences. There was an unspoken language between us and immeasurable compassion. I returned home with more than a binder of information; I left with a new family of friends.  Read more...



ADAO Honored to Give Keynote "Asbestos - The Human Cost of Inaction" at the PACNY 19th Annual Environmental Conference


The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) was delighted to present at the 19th Annual Professional Abatement Contractors of New York (PACNY) Environmental ConferencePACNY, a renowned community for abatement contractors in Albany, NY focuses their efforts on addressing the needs and concerns of abatement contractors and those in related industries.  View the PowerPoint and read more...



Tuesday, March 10, 2015  
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM 

ACTION: Call your Senators and encourage them to send a staffer. 

  • Linda Reinstein, President/CEO and Co-Founder, Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization  
  • Ellen Patton, Mesothelioma Survivor  
  • Scott Faber, Vice President of Government Affairs, Environmental Working Group
  • Alex Formuzis, Vice President for Strategic Campaigns, Environmental Working Group Action Fund

ADAO Agrees with Congressman Johnson: The FACT Act (H.R. 526) is morally reprehensible

On January 26, 2015, Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX 27th District) introduced the "Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency (FACT) Act" (H.R. 526).  It is hard to believe, just 10 days later, the Republicans held a hearing. Read More... 



Sign the Petition Urging Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, MP to "Put lives before politics" and allow the Medical Innovation Bill to be debated.

ADAO Joined Millions around the World to Observe Rare Disease Day on February 28, 2015 




The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), which combines education, advocacy, and community to provide a unified voice for asbestos victims, will be joining the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) and others around the world in observing Rare Disease Day on February 28, 2015. On this day, thousands of patients and their families will share their stories and focus a spotlight on rare diseases as an important global public health concern. As the NORD supporters say, "no more Band Aids-just a cure!" Since 2005, ADAO has been listed as a mesothelioma resource on the NORD website.  The European Council states:  "1 in 17 people will be affected by a rare disease at some point in their life." Read more... 

Once again, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is disappointed in Congress' inadequate efforts to protect asbestos victims' rights. Instead of pushing towards an asbestos ban and protection of victims' civil liberties, the U.S. House of Representatives is fast-tacking a bill crafted and promoted by the asbestos industry. It's called "Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency (FACT) Act (H.R. 526), and it will force private asbestos bankruptcy trusts to publicly disclose asbestos victims' personal information, as well as create burdensome new requirements that will delay justice for dying asbestos victims. Read more...

"I Once had it All, Now I am so Lost"- Wayne's Story



ADAO New Website
The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) was founded by asbestos victims and their families in 2004. ADAO seeks to give asbestos victims and concerned citizens a united voice to raise public awareness about the dangers of asbestos exposure. ADAO is an independent global organization dedicated to preventing asbestos-related diseases through education, advocacy, and community. For more information, visit