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President's Message
VIDEO Senators Boxer & Markey's Press Conference Calling for a Toxic Chemicals Reform
Global Asbestos Awareness Week: "Hear Asbestos. Think Prevention."
Be Heard. Join the Conversation.Take Action
VIDEO: "Asbestos Kills"
"Ban Asbestos in Unity - Global Asbestos Awareness Week" by Lou Williams
ADAO Guest Blogs for the Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP)
Meet the 2015 ADAO Conference Speakers, Honorees, and Leadership
Special Asbestos Awareness Conference Edition Published on April 12
The Globe and Mail: "Asbestos Imports into Canada Continue to Rise"
Press Release: ADAO Praises Senate for Passing the Bipartisan 11th Annual "National Asbestos Awareness Week" Resolution
Are Your Children and Communities Safe?
"The Pump Handle: "Meaningful gains or huge setbacks?: Congress weighs two bills aimed at reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act" by Kim Krisberg
"A Global Ban On Asbestos - Chasing Windmills or A Real Global Pursuit" by Dr. Richard Lemen
Guest Blog: "Asbestos Educational Outreach Program" by Kaitlyn Brown
Patricia's Story: "Oblivious to Exposure"
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April 17 - 19, 2015 Annual Conference 


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2015 Conference "Meet the Speaker, Honoree, and ADAO Leadership"


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President's Message  

ADAO is honored to have participated in numerous recent legislative events which included a Senate staff briefing and meetings, United States Senate Environment and Public Works Committee legislative hearing, and Senators Boxer and Markey's press conference focused on reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 (TSCA) to protect public health.  Whew! Never before have there been five bills and one resolution culminating at the same time. Read more about the "Alan Reinstein and Trevor Schaefer Toxic Chemical Protection Act."


This momentum perfectly leads us into Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW) which begins tomorrow, April 1st.   We have already seen partners around the world - including NIOSH, with 350,000 followers on Twitter - pumping up this year's GAAW.  We have also been asked to guest blog for other like-minded organizations, and have seen our content repurposed in a positive way through these partners as well.  A huge shout out to volunteer extraordinaire, Sarah McOnie and the McOnie public relations agency team, who designed the 2015 GAAW graphic and distributed the press release to more than 20 countries.


Are your students safe at school?  I just received information from Senators Markey and Boxer who have sent your governors a letter to "determine awareness, monitoring and reporting of asbestos hazards in schools."


The 11th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference is rapidly approaching on April 17-19, 2015, and we are excited to have you join us for the weekend!  Register for the conference and brunch and book your Crystal Gateway Marriott room today.


Get ready - we will publish the 2015 Asbestos Awareness Conference Edition on Sunday, April 12th!


ADAO sincerely thanks our dedicated volunteers and generous donors and sponsors who support our efforts.  Thanks to you, we remain a stakeholder at the table in Washington, D.C. and our collaborative efforts are the strongest ever.


In unity, Linda Reinstein, Social Networks

Senators Boxer & Markey's Press Conference Calling for a Toxic Chemicals Reform Bill that Protects Children and Families from Dangerous Toxins on 
March 17, 2015 in Washington, DC. 


The press conference video clip features Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Edward Markey, Erin Brockovich, Linda Reinstein, and Trevor Schaefer. 

View the blog with details.


Senators Boxer and Markey TSCA Reform Press Conference


Day 1: April 1st

"World Health Organization and Elimination of Asbestos-Related Disease"

Alan Reinstein's Story, "I'll Do Anything to Fight Mesothelioma to Have More Time with My Family, Anything"


Day 2: April 2nd

Linda Reinstein, "U.S. Surgeon General Asbestos Awareness Week Statements and the Senate Resolutions"

Michael's Story, "Asbestos Has Changed My Life"


Day 3: April 3rd

Dr. Celeste Monforton, "Workers' Memorial Day: 2 Million Work-Related Deaths Last Year"

Janelle's Story, "I Will Never Be the Same Again"


Day 4: April 4th

British Lung Foundation's "Take 5 and Stay Alive" Campaign

Mavis' Story, "I fight on for all for all our Meso Warriors past, present, and future"


Day 5: April 5th

Fernanda Giannasi, "Workers' Safety, Public Health, Victims, and Ban Asbestos"

Joe's Story, "How Many Deaths Will It Take?"


Day 6: April 6th

Environmental Working Group (EWG), "Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976: The Fate of Asbestos"

Louise's Story, "I Will Not Die in Vain"


Day 7: April 7th

ADAO, "'Hear Asbestos. Think Prevention.' and the Annual Asbestos Victims' Candlelight Vigil

Heather's Story, "The Value of My Life in Dollars and Tears"



The facts in the 2011 Global Asbestos Awareness Week video still stand, and it is still  a powerful asbestos awareness tool. If you want to share the video as part of Global Asbestos Awareness Week, click here, and then use the  Share Button to post on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.


"Ban Asbestos in Unity - Global Asbestos Awareness Week" by Lou Williams

Lou Williams, Mesothelioma Warrior, Australian Director of the Global Ban Asbestos Network (GBAN), Social Media Awareness Officer at the Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia (ADFA), and volunteer for the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), speaks up in support of a global ban on asbestos and shares important information about asbestos in order to drive awareness.  Read her blog here. Lou, we all thank you. 

ADAO is pleased to have contributed a guest blog about GAAW to Safety and Health Practitioner that's available online now.  As part of the effort to spread the word, drive awareness of asbestos, and prevent exposure, we are always happy to strengthen our partnerships and augment our reach through guest blogs.  Thank you to @SHPOnline for the opportunity!


Learn more about the conferences esteemed speakers, honorees, and ADAO leadership before the conference even starts!  

Earl Dotter, Dr. Arthur Frank, Richard Lemen, PhD, MSPH,  Sandra Neuenschwander, and Linda Reinstein

Moderator: Raja Flores
Speakers:  Arturo Aguilar, Dr. Brad Black, Dr. Robert Cameron, Prof. Dean Fennell, Dr. Raja Flores, Dra. Guadalupe Madrid, Dr. Aubrey Miller, Celeste Monforton, DrPH, Ellen Patton, Dr. Jorma Rantanen, and Dr. John Wheeler 

Moderator: Dr. Brad Black
Speakers:  Mark Catlin, Geoff Fary, Celeste Monforton, DrPH, Patrick J. Morrison, and Domani Tripam

Moderator: Celeste Monforton, DrPH
Speakers: Syed Mezab Ahmed, The Brazilian Labour Public Ministry, Barry Castleman, ScD, Fernanda Giannasi, Dr. Phillipe Gomes Jardim, Barry Robson, Cameron Von St. James, and Yvonne Waterman, Phd


Sunday Unity and Remembrance Brunch

Speakers: Dr. Richard Lemen, Speakers: Susan Vento, Lou Williams, Jill Cagle, Troi Atkinson, and Ellen Tunkelrott


Four additional blogs were posted in February. For the full 11-week series' content, visit the landing page here.


Special Asbestos Awareness Conference Edition Published on April 12

The International Asbestos Awareness Conference will be here in just over two weeks!  ADAO will be sending out a special eNewsletter dedicated to the conference on April 12th with the final information about the trolley tour, conference, awards dinners, brunch, and more.


View the agenda.


Book your rooms now!  The discounted room rate at the Crystal Gateway Marriott expires tomorrow, April 1st.  You can book online or by calling the hotel at (703) 920-3230. 


Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for their support!


2015 Platinum Sponsors

Motley Rice LLC

Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC


2015 Gold Sponsor

Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett


2015 Silver Sponsor

Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney and Meisenkothen


And thank you to Sarah McOnie and the McOnie public relations team for their support driving awareness of GAAW and our conference!

Are Your StudentsSafe?

ADAO supports the recent letter by Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Edward Markey (D-MA), which was sent to governors of all 50 states,"inquiring about implementation of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), legislation passed in 1986 to protect students, teachers and other employees from the dangers of asbestos hazards in schools. In the letter, the Senators ask questions about the scope of asbestos hazards, awareness and monitoring of hazards, abatement efforts, notification to parents and staff, and reporting to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)." 

As ADAO knows all too well, the 1986 legislation is not always enforced and students, staff, and teachers are exposed to asbestos

Read more in Senators Markey and Boxer's press release and their letter.

The Canadian publication, The Globe and Mail, highlighted the ongoing and frightening issue of asbestos imports in the article "Asbestos Imports Rising in Canada Despite Health Warnings." The G & M stated, "imports of asbestos-related items rose to $6-million last year from $4.9-million in 2013. The bulk of these goods consisted of asbestos brake linings and pads, which hit $3.6-million in imports in 2014, a seven-year high. Other imports included raw asbestos, friction materials and some items containing crocidolite, which is considered the most dangerous form of asbestos." Read more here


As a leader in asbestos awareness and prevention, ADAO is pleased to share some wonderful news!  For the 11th year, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the "National Asbestos Awareness Week" Resolution.  Please join ADAO in thanking Senators Markey and Boxer, all of the co-sponsors, and the entire Senate for unanimously passing this Resolution and for urging the U.S. Surgeon General to issue a statement. 

Read and share the graphic with 15 facts about asbestos everyone should know.  Read more here.

Read and share the complete ADAO TSCA special edition newsletter, click here. 
"The Pump Handle: "Meaningful gains or huge setbacks?: Congress weighs two bills aimed at reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act" by Kim Krisberg


March 30, 2015

Press Release: ADAO Announces Unity and Remembrance Brunch Sunday, April 19, Asbestos Victims and Families Join Together to Inspire Hope and Underscore Need for Ban


March 27, 2015

Press Release: ADAO Praises Senate for Passing the Bipartisan 11th Annual "National Asbestos Awareness Week" Resolution


March 21, 2015

Linda Reinstein Statement for Senators Boxer and Markey's Press Conference to Call for a Toxic Chemicals Reform Bill that Protects Children and Families from Dangerous Toxins


March 19, 2015

Press Release: Hear Asbestos. Think Prevention.™- ADAO Announces "Global Asbestos Awareness Week" April 1-7, 2015


March 12, 2015

Press Release: Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) Applauds Sens. Boxer and Markey for Introducing The Alan Reinstein and Trevor Schaefer Toxic Chemical Protection Act


March 10, 2015

Press Release: Statement from Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) Opposing Senate "Chemical Safety" Bill which Lets Asbestos off the Hook


March 10, 2015

Press Release: 11th Annual Asbestos Awareness Conference - 40 Global Asbestos Experts to present, 17-19 April 2015


"A Global Ban On Asbestos - Chasing Windmills or A Real Global Pursuit" by Dr. Richard Lemen

"The global campaign to ban asbestos is a public health emergency as is that to curtail any global epidemic. When the world addresses killers like Ebola, Malaria, Cholera or the many other epidemics we seek to include all nations and all political and philosophical avenues for resolution. The same applies to overcoming the global epidemic caused by asbestos." Read More ...

Guest Blog - PACNY Conference: Asbestos Educational Outreach Program by Kaitlyn Brown

"The definition for asbestos is a heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral that can be woven into fabrics, and is used in fire-resistant and insulating materials such as brake linings, but is not limited to only those products. Many may have heard the term but don't know how much harm it can cause. Asbestos is a hazardous material that is misunderstood and there isn't enough general information given to the public, which causes much harm." Read More ...

As a teacher for 25 years, Patricia never suspected that educating students in the public school system could expose her to a toxin that would one day threaten her life. Further, her husband of 44 years served in the Air Force and she accompanied him when he was stationed in Germany, oblivious to the fact that asbestos products were commonly used on Air Force bases and in military housing. Patricia was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2012.  Read more here.


To submit your personal story, follow the simple instructions here.
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