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President's Message
"Cosmetic Talc Products Carry Asbestos Peril" by Andrew Schneider
"Penn study seeks to track Ambler's asbestos legacy"
GBAN Celebrates Its 4th Year Anniversary
ADAO's Reflections on the Inspirational 12th International Mesothelioma Interest Group (iMiG) Conference
PRESS RELEASE: Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization to Join Global Mesothelioma Experts at 2014 iMig Conference
ADAO to Participate in 1st International ASEA Asbestos Safety and Management Conference in Australia
Health Literacy Month: October 2014
Keeping Kids Safe: ADAO Offers Assistance to Student and School Staff in Huntington Beach, CA
Jessica and Donna: Meet The "Make a Pie - Take A Pie... Ban Asbestos!" Challenge Ladies
November Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Shine a Light on the Facts
Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization: Jammin for Asbestos Awareness T-Shirts for Sale
Australia Asbestos Awareness Week
ADAO Interview: Meet Tony Rich, the Global Asbestos Hunter
Interview with Sandra Neuenschwander, Michael Bradley's Mother and Ban Asbestos Advocate
"My Heart Will Forever Feel a Pain That Can Never be Replaced" - Calvin's Story
"The Only Comfort We Have Is Knowing He Did Not Suffer At The End" - Lonnie's Story
"Ensuring Future Generations Are No Longer Ignorant About Asbestos" - John's Story
"Rob Fought Courageously Till The End" - Robbie's Story
"Asbestos Is a Hidden Evil" - Joseph's Story
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INFOGRAPHIC: "Asbestos is Legal and Lethal in the USA


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ADAO sincerely thanks our volunteers, Leadership, donors and 2014 Sponsors: Motley Rice LLC,  Simmons Hanly Conroy LLCSimon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett, P.C. and Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney and Meisenkothen for generously supporting ADAO educational, advocacy, and community support efforts. 


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Two New Articles by Andrew Schneider 

Below are two new excellent articles by Andrew Schneider, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist. 


Without an asbestos ban and enforcement, asbestos exposure continues. More than 30 Americans die each day from preventable asbestos-caused diseases.  Enough.


Mr. Schneider reports on how continued weak laws and lack of resources has compromised public health in his article entitled "FDA: Weak Laws, Sparse Resources Handcuff Agency".


In "Deadly Mix On Your Shelf ?", Mr. Schneider reports on the new study: "Asbestos in commercial cosmetic talcum powder as a cause of mesothelioma in women" by Ronald E. Gordon, Sean Fitzgerald, and James Millette.

"Joe Amento, a lifelong resident of Ambler, was 53 when he died of a rare cancer with one main cause - exposure to asbestos. He was fine at Christmas 2002. In January, a pain in his side kept him awake at night. He was found to have the disease in March. Before August, he was gone." ... Read More. 

GBAN Celebrates Its 4th Year Anniversary

This month, the Global Ban Asbestos Network (GBAN), founded by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization(ADAO) and the Brazilian Association of the Asbestos-Exposed (ABREA), celebrates its 4th year anniversary.   GBAN, a non-profit and independent initiative, was established to promote and facilitate collaboration, communication, and action to achieve a global asbestos ban.   There are nearly 20 countries maximizing the one-stop portal that brings together interactive social media outlets advocating for a global asbestos ban.


GBAN sincerely thanks the Yvonne Waterman, Dr. Ken Takahashi, Lou Williams, and the Charter Members for sharing their news, press releases, blogs, and more to raise awareness.


As time has proven, together change is possible.


ADAO's Reflections on the Inspirational 12th International Mesothelioma Interest Group (iMiG) Conference

Every two years, the iMig conference brings together experts dedicated to treating and curing mesothelioma, featuring groundbreaking workshops, presentations and discussions, and strengthening collaborative efforts.

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) was delighted to join delegates from around the world at the 12th International Mesothelioma Interest Group (iMiG) Conference, October 21-24 in Cape Town, South Africa. Read More... 

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) was delighted to join delegates from around the world at the 12th International Mesothelioma Interest Group (iMiG) Conference, October 21-24 in Cape Town, South Africa. For ten years, I have been attending and presenting at iMig conferences in Chicago, Amsterdam, Kyoto, Boston and now South Africa.  iMig's theme this year was "The Ongoing Quest For  Cure", which was addressed by experts from across the globe dedicated to improving treatment and research. iMig is considered the world's premier medical congress on mesothelioma. Read More...

ADAO to Participate in 1st International ASEA Asbestos Safety and Management Conference in Australia

The Australian Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) will host its 1st International Conference on Asbestos Awareness and Management on November 16-18, 2014 in Melbourne. I am delighted to join Dr. Richard Lemen, Dr. Ken Takahashi, Laurie Kazan-Allen, and other speakers at the ASEA conference. Read More... 

Health Literacy Month: October 2014

October was Health Literacy Month, and at the 
Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), we released a three-part series of educational blogs withe the hopes of saving lives through prevention. Everyone should know the Irrefutable Facts about how to protect your loved ones from asbestos exposure because the only two ways to end asbestos-caused diseases are prevention and a cure.

Thank you to everyone for sharing the facts and making Health Literacy Month a success!



Part Two: High Risk Occupations


Part Three: Understand the Warning Symptoms for Asbestos-Caused Diseases


Like many schools that undertake large-scale modernization projects, the Ocean View School District (OVSD) in Huntington Beach, CA faces asbestos abatement risk and management issues. Parents, teachers, and staff became upset when they learned their district may have been removing the material as part of a large-scale modernization project while students were present. Read More ...

Have you taken the "Make A Pie - Take A Pie...Ban Asbestos" Challenge yet? We are so grateful to Jessica Mattmuller and Donna Johnson, members of our ADAO community, for their fantastic idea - using something that's so much fun, to raise awareness about something so heartbreaking - that asbestos is still legal and lethal in the US.  We think it's too soon to cut short the excitement. In honor of  Health Literacy Month in October and Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November, we are extending our deadline to Take a Pie and Share an Asbestos Fact until November 30.  Read More ...

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Shine a Light on the Facts


November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.  In the United States, asbestos-caused lung cancer claims more than 5,000 lives every year.  People often ask me - What's the difference between mesothelioma and lung cancer? Mesothelioma is often incorrectly categorized as lung cancer. Simply said, both cancers can develop after asbestos exposure; however, mesothelioma commonly develops in the lining of the lung, abdomen, or heart. Lung cancer develops inside the lung itself.

What can YOU do to raise awareness during Lung Cancer Awareness Month? Read More...

Couldn't attend The Rahe Family's Jammin' for Asbestos Awareness event in Omaha in September? No problem! You can still join in and buy a fabulous concert t-shirt.


For a minimum donation of $15.00 or more (which includes shipping within the United States) this is your opportunity to have memorabilia from the event and support ADAO's education, advocacy, and community initiatives.  Just go to Pay Pal and add your T-shirt(s) information in the comment box below. T-shirts will be sold on a first come first served basis, as there are limited grey and white S, M, L and XL sizes available. Please email me any questions you may have.


Herman Hamilton 

Australia Asbestos Awareness Week

November 24 - 30, 2014


For decades, Australia has led the way for truth, justice and action.  Please join ADAO in sending our support to Asbestos Victims' Organizations, Health and Safety advocates, Labor Unions, and Government Agencies on a week of honor, remembrance, and awareness. 



This week I had the opportunity to interview Tony Rich. As a widely renowned Industrial Hygienist, Tony is an expert in his field, and has years of experience hunting asbestos accurately deeming him the nickname: "Asbestos Hunter." Beyond just his technical talents, Tony has been a long time ADAO supporter and dear friend. He has devoted much of his time and talents as a very skilled photographer to ADAO, speaking at numerous conferences and documenting the experience. Read More ...

Interview with Sandra Neuenschwander, Michael Bradley's Mother and Ban Asbestos Advocate

On Valentine's Day 2012, Sandra's life changed forever when her 27-year-old son, Michael Bradley, was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  Throughout surgeries, chemotherapy, and clinical trials, Michael fought for his life and spread the message that "Asbestos Kills".  Sadly, Michael lost his courageous battle on April 24, 2014 at the young age of 29.  Michael received the 2014 ADAO Special Recognition of Valor Award for his unrelenting battle. Read More...
"My Heart will Forever Feel a Pain that Can Never be Replaced" - Calvin's Story

"Rob Fought Courageously Till The End" - Robbie's Story

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