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Acting U.S. Surgeon General Delivers ADAO 10th Anniversary Keynote
Acting Surgeon General Issues a 2014 Asbestos Warning to Americans
A Profound Thank You to Our 2014 Sponsors and Donors
Asbestos Awareness Conference Wrap-Up
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Global Asbestos Awareness Week
JUST RELEASED -- 2014 ADAO Conference Videos
U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman, Tribute of Hope Award
U.S. Congressman Bruce Vento, Warren Zevon "Keep me in Your Heart" Memorial Tribute
Susan Vento, Unity and Remembrance Brunch Keynote Speech
Michael Bradley, Special Recognition of Valor Award
ADAO 10th Anniversary Video with Highlights from 2004 - 2014
JUST RELEASED - ADAO's 2014 Conference Photos
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"A Few Words about the International Asbestos Struggle" by Pierre Pluta
Lou Williams, ADAO Conference Guest Blog
U.S. Senate National Asbestos Awareness Week Resolution
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President's Message

Without a doubt, this year's Tenth Anniversary Asbestos Awareness Conference, Where Knowledge and Action Unite, proved to be the best Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) conference yet! On April 5-6, in Washington, D.C., over 30 esteemed speakers, courageous patients, outstanding volunteers, public service leaders, doctors and supporters from ten countries came together, all dedicated to preventing asbestos-caused diseases. They presented the latest advancements in disease prevention, global advocacy, and treatment for mesothelioma and other asbestos-caused diseases. Click here to view the full conference agenda. 


ADAO was tremendously honored to welcome Rear Admiral Boris Lushniak, Acting U.S. Surgeon General as our Keynote Speaker this year. What a privilege to hear the leader of the Nation's Premier Public Health Agency share his thoughts about asbestos-related diseases and their elimination.


Jordan Zevon, ADAO's National Spokesperson and a phenomenally talented singer and guitarist, performed beautifully at the Awards & Recognition Dinner.


Global Asbestos Awareness Week may have ended on April 7th, but our work continues. Make sure your voice is heard by signing two petitions. Go to the red box in this newsletter to "TAKE ACTION and BE COUNTED!" 


It was wonderful to watch ADAO's 10th Anniversary Video with Highlights from 2004 - 2014 and look back on the past ten years, surrounded by the people that have made ADAO's accomplishments possible. So many of you have been with us since we were founded.  On behalf of ADAO, thank you to our wonderful speakers, sponsors, donors,  volunteers, and registrants.  Because of each of you, change is possible.


Linda Reinstein, Social Networks 



Keynote Speech



ADAO sincerely thanks our 2014 Asbestos Awareness Conference Sponsors and Donors for their generosity and commitment to support ADAO's work. 

Together, change is possible.


Platinum Sponsors 


 Motley Rice Logo 





Silver Sponsor


Early, Lucarelli, Sweeney, and Meisenkothen


The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization does not make legal referrals.
ADAO Thanks the 2014 International Asbestos Awareness Conference Speakers, Honorees, Leadership, and Volunteers

ADAO is deeply grateful to the many individuals who made this year's International Asbestos Awareness Conference the best ADAO conference yet. 



ADAO sincerely thanks Magna Legal Services for transcribing our entire Saturday academic conference presentations into a book.  With their help, we can continue to share the four powerful, cutting-edge sessions:


  • Medical Advancements: Diagnosing and Treating Mesothelioma and Other Asbestos-Related Diseases
  • Patients & Caregivers: Navigating the Medical Maze
  • Prevention: What Is It? Where Is It? What Do I Do?
  • Advocacy: Global Ban Asbestos Action
Click here to view and share the 120-page program, which includes the conference agenda, speaker bios, ADAO honoree pages, beautiful family tribute pages, and more!
GAAW April 1 7


April 1: Linda Reinstein, "Asbestos: Legal and Lethal in the USA." ADAO Co-Founder shares the latest facts and stats about asbestos mining, manufacturing, and commerce. 


Alan Reinstein's Story, "I'll Do Anything to Fight Mesothelioma to Have More Time with My Family, Anything"


April 2: Dr. Richard Lemen, "Asbestos: What Is It?" ADAO Science Advisory Board Co-Chair explains where asbestos is found and who might be in danger of being exposed.


Michael's Story, "Asbestos Has Changed My Life"


April 3: Dr. Arthur Frank, "Why Is Asbestos Bad for My Health?" ADAO Science Advisory Board Co-Chair shares information about what you should do if you are diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease.


Janelle's Story, "I Will Never Be the Same Again" 


Esteemed scientist and Acting Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Occupational Health in Japan shares informational toolkit for tackling ARDs. 


Julie's Story, "Asbestos Not Only Kills People - It Destroys Lives"


April 5: Mesothelioma Warriors Speak Out featuring blogs by Mavis, Lou, Heather and Linda W.


Mavis' Story, "Social Media and Mesothelioma"


 Read and share the full statement on asbestos and find out about recent updates. 


Louise's Story, "I Will Not Die in Vain" 


April 7: Global Asbestos Awareness Week Declaration for a Worldwide Asbestos Ban with Signatories. ADAO will end the Week with an Asbestos Victims' 


Heather's Story, "The Value of My Life in Dollars and Tears" 


JUST RELEASED -- 2014 ADAO Conference Videos


View and share the 2014 ADAO 10th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference, "Where Knowledge and Action Unite," collection of Conference Presentationsthe ADAO Awards & Recognition Dinner, and the Unity and Remembrance Brunch -- now on video!   


Special thanks to Herman Hamilton or overseeing this momentous YouTube effort.
U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman
Tribute of Hope Award Acceptance Speech 
Congressman Waxman's Acceptance Speech
U.S. Congressman Bruce Vento
Warren Zevon "Keep Me In Your Heart" Memorial Tribute 
2014 ADAO Conference: Congressman Bruce Vento, Warren Zevon

Susan Vento, Unity and Remembrance Brunch Keynote Speech 


Michael Bradley, Special Recognition of Valor Award 

Michael Bradley, 2014 ADAO Special Recognition of Valor Award

ADAO 10th Anniversary Video with Highlights from 2004 - 2014

2014 Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Conference: 10th Anniversary Video

Check out the Pictures from the ADAO 10th Anniversary Conference via Facebook or Photobucket!
Special thanks to Tony Rich for capturing the memorable moments from ADAO's 2014 conference. Please Click on the Facebook and/or Photobucket Icons below each heading to view the albums!


2014 DC Conference Tour

 2014 ADAO Conference

2014 Conference Awards and Recognition Dinner
2014 Conference Unity and Remembrance Brunch

Sign the Global Asbestos Awareness Week Declaration for a Worldwide Asbestos Ban


Sign the ACVRC Petition against the FACT Act and join us in fighting all legislation that restricts the rights of asbestos cancer victims 

Pierre Pluta (ANDEVA) give a powerful speech at the 10th Annual ADAO International Asbestos Awareness Conference on April 6, 2014 in Washington, D.C.
Pierre Putta


"(1) After meetings in Turin and Brussels, about 20 countries were represented at the international meeting for a World Without Asbestos, organized in Paris by ANDEVA, 12 and 13 October 2012.


In May 2013, we were in Geneva with representatives of several countries to defend the Rotterdam convention and a global ban on asbestos. Russia, who took the relay from Canada, deliberately sabotaged the convention.  Read More... 



GUEST BLOG by Lou Williams




"Asbestos - Living with Mesothelioma in Australia Louise (Lou) Williams: My trip to Washington, DC 2 April 2014 ADAO's 10th Annual Asbestos Conference, speech and receiving my Award"


ADAO needs your help! If you either attended the 2014 International Asbestos Awareness Conference in person or watched the online broadcast, please click here to answer 4 survey questions to provide us feedback about the conference. While we may not be able to incorporate every suggestion that we receive, but we greatly value your input and will certainly rely on your feedback as we plan next year's conference, which we hope will be even stronger than this year's conference!

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