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ADAO Conference Deadline: March 11
ADAO Asbestos Awareness Conference Live Streaming
Meet the Speakers and Honorees Series
"Propaganda and Lies from the Asbestos Industry"
"DIY: Asbestos Does Not Discriminate" by John Toms
"Asbestos: One Word. One World. One Week."
"Justice Has No Timeline" by Ann Samuelson
Senator Baucus Introduces the 9th Annual Resolution
Excitement Builds Around the 2013 ADAO Conference
"Taking Education to the Digital Streets"
Seeking Truth and Justice during the Asbestos Eternit Appeal Trial
"Asbestos Has Changed My Life" - Michael's Story
ADAO Joined the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)
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President's Message 


Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization March 2013 eNewsletter
ADAO March 2013 eNewsletter


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ADAO is bringing our annual conference back to Washington, DC. More than 30 speakers from seven countries will gather to present the latest information about "The Asbestos Crisis: New Trends in Prevention and Treatment."

We have a fabulous weekend planned, so please read the event details today and RSVP by the March 11 deadline.

ADAO's 9th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference is two weeks away! Please note that all conference attendees, including spouses and guests, must register for the conference by clicking here. If you have not received an email from CVENT that confirms receipt of your conference registration, you are not registered for the conference, and thus are not on ADAO's list of conference event attendees.

Patients and Families: If you are planning on attending the Lunch and U.S. Capitol Tour on Friday, March 22, from 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM, you must submit your RSVP for yourself and your spouse and/or other guests by clicking here. If you have not done so, please do this today. If you do not RSVP, you will not be permitted by security into the lunch or tour.

Speakers, Honorees, Sponsors, and Distinguished Guests: You must submit conference events RSVPs for yourself and your spouse and/or other guests by clicking here. If you have not done so, please do this today.

Event Schedule and Transportation: For your convenience, ADAO has created a webpage regarding the event schedule and conference-related transportation. To access this page, click here.

This is exciting! ADAO will be welcoming you to DC very soon.

For the first time this year, those who cannot make it in person to ADAO's International Asbestos Awareness Conference, can view the conference via live streaming
Further details will be published on ADAO's website shortly! 

Don't be fooled. The abstract "Health Risk of Chrysotile Revisited" was supported by a grant from the International Chrysotile Association in Washington, DC.  This is just one more powerful example of how the asbestos industry uses junk science to continue justifying asbestos mining, manufacturing, and commerce. I urge you to learn how research is funded by the International Chrysotile Association. 

There are around 30 television programs in the UK which are dedicated to repairing domestic homes and historical properties.  These range from small-scale "Do It Yourself" type repairs (under presumably professional guidance) to the complete renovation of entire properties. In each program, it is clear that a pattern is being followed; either the householder has started a project and has 'run out of money', or; a dilapidated property is being upgraded, or; a rogue builder has started a project and has failed to finish it. 

GAAW April 1 7 Mark your calendar now to check in with ADAO every day during Global Asbestos Awareness Week on April 1-7, 2013. Join together with us to spread the word about this deadly carcinogen. Each day will focus on a different subject for you to read and share. Sharing is powerful: knowing how to prevent asbestos exposure saves lives! 

April 1: Open with Candlelight Vigil and "7 Reasons for 7 Days" by Linda Reinstein, ADAO Co-Founder
April 2: Dr. Richard Lemen, "Asbestos: What Is It?"
April 3: Dr. Arthur Frank, "Why Is Asbestos Bad for My Health?" 
April 4: Share Your Story
April 5: A Statement from the U.S. Surgeon General 
April 6: Partnering for Prevention 
April 7: Communication, Collaboration, and Action from ADAO and Close with Candlelight Vigil


Last month, President Obama signed the High Mortality Cancer bill into law at the closing of the 112th session of Congress.  This new piece of legislation represents a landmark decision to recommit to the fight against cancer and increase the survival rates among cancer patients within the next several years.  The bill gives priority to lung and pancreatic cancer. Read more...

Join the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization community around the world for #BanAsbestosNow every Sunday on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Asbestos, a known carcinogen, claims more than 107,000 workers' lives every year. On Sundays, share asbestos and mesothelioma facts, raise awareness, and build collaboration.  This social action was started by Christine Winter (@IATP_Asbestos), Chris Devlin (@WorldClassSafe). Read more...

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) sends our support as the struggle for truth and justice continues during the Eternit Appeal Trial. It was just one year ago that we witnessed a historic Eternit guilty verdict read in Turin, which reaffirmed the scientific evidence that asbestos is a known carcinogenic and there is no safe level of exposure. Read more...
Please read and share Michael's courageous story.
We have been touched by asbestos in individual ways, yet we are joined together by a bond of community. As a testament to the strength of our global family, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is highlighting the courageous stories of our members with the "Share Your Story" feature on our website. 
ADAO New Website
The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) was founded by asbestos victims and their families in 2004. ADAO seeks to give asbestos victims and concerned citizens a united voice to raise public awareness about the dangers of asbestos exposure. ADAO is an independent global organization dedicated to preventing asbestos-related diseases through education, advocacy, and community. For more information, visit