A Play, Expo, and Movement
Barnsdall Gallery Theater & Park
4800 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, California 90027
Saturday, May 2, 2015,
7 p.m., sharp, the play.
 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m, the Movement & Expo
Tickets: $30.00



               For taking the time out of your busy day to read this note


Dear Friend: :


Life is short and precious.  It should be fun.  But for some, life is a constant challenge and battle. 


This is a call for creative, compassionate, brilliant and fun artist, poets, authors, entrepreneurs, business executives, politicians, non profit workers, and vendors to attend the Our Voices Our Stories Expo and The Our Voices Our Stories Play afterwards, or if you can't do it all, join us for some part of the evening. 


I would love for you to come to OVOS, or send a representative from your company, business, group, school, church, non-profit, fraternity, or sorority.  The play will start sharply at 7 p.m., and will be preceded by the OVOS Expo where we can all relax & enjoy a warm beautiful LA evening under the Hollywood sign, while exchanging ideas, literature, and strategies to change the world.


The expo will be from 4:30 to 7 p.m., Saturday, May 2, 2015 at the Barnsdall Gallery Park, shown below. It's a beautiful place that eyeballs the Hollywood sign.



OVOS is an edgy, funny, and entertaining play that is not preachy.


In 2013 at the Barnsdall, I offered BELIEVE the Voices of the Unheard, a version of it, and it left women weeping in my arms and caused a friend to become a Foster Mom shortly after seeing it. The work changes hearts!


Please watch the short 2 min trailor where at the 1:03 mark several of the young audience members speak about the impact it had on them in 2013.




Please note, I did not tell them all to say that the show was amazing.  There were no bells, whistles, and tricks, but it was amazing because I write from the deepest fibers of my heart!  It's fun because I love music of all genres and there's a pop, rhythm, and beat to every word that keeps the audience clinging to their seats.


OVOS I will be even more amazing on Saturday May 2, 2015, 7 p.m.  Our Director, a young Theater and Film Professor at Compton College, has taken it to the next level.  I've attended two rehearsals and, literally, sat on the edge of my seat with my mouth hanging open in awe.


As you saw in the trailer, our sets are minimal, but the dramatic stories, intertwined with rap, gospel, pop, opera, and dance make for a heart-warming, memorable experience as two bleeding heart Beverly Hills attorneys, graduates of Yale, run a non-profit to help abused, abandoned, disabled, and indigent clients find their voice, tell their stories, and transform their lives.


OVOS celebrates triumphant spirits who thrive in the midst of challenges, who laugh through tears, who dance in the rain, and who make the best of the arms that support them. Two of our cast members are Autistic; my oldest son is autistic and part of our crew!


Our homeless character is represented by a dancer because of this woman:



Joann, my homeless friend, for the last 14 years who has lived on Ventura Blvd when she's not living with me or getting a break at a local hotel. She's a college graduate, trained dancer, who has debilitating mental illness.  But she's one of the sweetest, most gentle women I know ,and does not deserve to live and die in the street. 

OVOS will encourage the conversation of providing permanent homes for all Americans.  We can do it.


We also have a dancing usher. A clip from another performance is here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAYQbEvF5Uw  This makes for a fun and exciting beginning.


It's been an exciting journey developing this work but we really need inspiring partners to take this journey with us. If you're inclined to support this work, I would love chat with you for a few minutes.  You can reach me by email at memekellyinspires@gmail.com or at indelibleimpact@gmail.com


Although I've never let money stop me, to make it across the finish line, we are in need of financial donations to the Indelible Impact Program of Sisters Supporting Sisters (S3), a 501 (c) (3). I founded S3 while teaching in Watts after the mother of my favorite second grader showed up to a parent-teacher conference drunk and barefoot.  S3's Indelible Impact hosts the OVOS play, Expo, and movement and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. There is a donation button below. 


We also will host The Second Gala Celebration for Exceptional Young Adults with Disabilities at the end of the Special Olympic Season on Sunday, May 17th, 2015. Pictures of the First Gala Celebration are below:


A little more about me:  I'm a graduate of UCLA, a teacher, and Mom of three adult sons. I'm married to my college sweetheart, a UCLA basketball player. I just received a stipend and fellowship to get my MFA in Creative Writing and Performing Arts at University of California, Riverside.


My opening statement of my application sums up why I'm writing to this note to you today:


"I believe that creative expression and theater can impact social change, and, thus, I write always with the intent of changing hearts.  My favorite quote is by playwright Jeff Stetson:


The role of the artist is to empower the weak while challenging the powerful; to provide hope in times of despair; to recognize beauty in those most despised; and to celebrate life in the middle of all that is dying."


This is what I seek to do with every fiber in my being for the rest of my days! I'm thrilled to have crossed paths with You.


I hope you will join me on this fun journey!  I look forward to learning more about you, your journey, your life work, and how you're impacting the world.  Together, we can all make a difference.




Meme Kelly

Writer, Producer, and Social Entrepreneur



818-284-9020, direct line 





                           We need partners to make it across the finish line!


The cast and crew are phenomenal and are volunteering their time. We need donations as follows:


Supporters:             $50.00                  Gas cards for the cast and crew.

                                                          Acknowledgment in the program 



Friends:                    $100.00               Performance and           

                                                           Rehearsal Stipends for Cast                                                              & Crew. (Everyone has

                                                           put in so much time)

                                                           Perks above and OVOS Tee-Shirt.


Angels"                     $500.00                Set Design, Costume Cost,

                                                           Technical Enhancements,            

                                                            Programs, Planning Expenses    

                                                            for Gala Celebration for Young

                                                            Adults with Disabilities.

                                                            All Perks above, two tickets to

                                                            OVOS, meet & greet with cast

                                                            and crew, invite to my

                                                            Champagne and Cake

                                                            Birthday Reception on

                                                            Saturday, April 18th, 2015, 8

                                                            to 10 p.m., Sherman Oaks.

                                                            The cast and crew will be in the



Saviors:                   $1000.00                Facility Charges

                                                             Supplies and Catering for Gala

                                                             Celebration for Young Adults

                                                             w/ Disabilities on 5/17/15

                                                             All perks above, Executive

                                                             Producer Title if desired,

                                                             Invite to OVOS Planning

                                                             Meetings, Wrap Party as a

                                                             special guest




*OVOS is very entertaining and some parts are funny as heck. 
*While entertaining, it will also raise awareness of the challenges faced by women -- including issues of homelessness, poverty, and abuse.
*While entertaining, OVOS will raise awareness of the challenges faced by Emancipated Foster Young Adults.
 *While entertaining, OVOS will raise awareness of the challenges faced by At-Risk Young adults, such as Tbone, the security guard character in the piece.
 *While entertaining, OVOS will raise awareness of the challenges faced by Disabled Young Adults.
  *While entertaining, OVOS reminds us that the world is very diverse, made up of people of color, and includes disabled people and the gay and lesbian community.

  Mother Love, TV and Radio personality, leads an amazing cast of 12. The entire cast can be viewed at http://ourvoicesourstories.com/cast-crew/.  A few are pictured below.

Mother Love



OVOS will benefit homeless women, such as
Meme Kelly's friend Joann, shown below:

                                               Gratitude Box

God, The Kelly Men, Soror Sister Sharon, Nicole, Soror Pamela, Soror Laweeda, Soror Selena, Eulanda, Mark, Jonathan, Natalie, Nancy, Brad, Simone, Beverly, George, Georgie, James B, Tiffany, Lacy, Steve, and all the teachers who trust me with their students, Rosie, Anitra, Mother Love, Bishop and Staff at Faithworks Ministry, Cast and Crew of Our Voices Our Stories, Fanceli, Caroline, Tilminah, Regina, Christian, Cousin Soror Nekisha, Nikki, Latasha, Soror Neelura, Lisa, Jacquelin, Nina, Vivienne, Kennedy, T-White, Lea, Juliet, Rae, Victoria, Ceci, Debbie, Soror Lessie, Soror Jeri, Katie, the Team at It's My Seat.com, Vahee, Sam, my friends from Special Olympics, Shannon, Wendy, Gary, all the coaches and the administrative staff,  Jackie, Staff at Pathpoint, Jonathan, Laura, Bishop Ulmer, Pastor McDaniel, Pastor Garth, Raychelle, Willie, Yvette, Larita, Karen, Sondra, Cordell, Ivanna, La Rita, Danielle, August, Leslie, George, Tavia, Kayla, Kathy, Kristine, Joann, Lynn, & Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.


Companies that have supported us or where Indelible Impact has provided programs:  Vons, Trader Joes, The Dodgers, A New Way of Life, Jenessee Center, New Beginning for Black Babies, Union Rescue Mission, Washington Prep High School, Windsor Hills Elementary School, Russell Elementary,  Ventura County 911 Responders, Tri-City Special Olympic Athletes, Community Build, a Non-Profit revitalizing South Los Angeles, Women's Group at Sherman Oaks United Methodist church, and re-occurring private retreats for women and groups.


~There are more. If not listed and should be, don't worry.  The List will continue forever! 


Don't have the time to participate? We would still greatly appreciate your support.
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