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Where does the time go?  We can't believe it's already March with Mother's Day and Easter just around the corner.  We have a lovely selection of patterns and interesting articles from around the world for you this month.

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Mother's Day


Mother's Day is on 15th March in the UK, although many of our friends in Europe  and further afield will celebrate on 10th May.  

Even though you might think it is an old celebration, it was actually founded in the US. In 1914 Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation creating Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May, as a national holiday to honour mothers. 

A knitted or crocheted gift would be a perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day so here are a few of our favourites.

Felted Yarn Bowl by Mary Beth Dollar

Washcloth-Wrapped-Soaps by Jennifer Hansen

Damask cowl by Nancy Marchant

Knit Blockers

Blocking is a vital technique to finish off any knitted or crocheted project.  It helps the yarn relax and allows you to reshape your project.

At KnitPro we have developed a range of blocking tools including mats that fit together to block projects of different sizes, pins and wires. 


The latest project in the range is our Knit Blockers.  A handy box of sets of 8 and 4 pins mounted in a useful handle to make blocking quick and easy. 


You can check out the full range here



Polish Artist Yarn Storms Delhi

The polish crochet artist, Olek, has an international reputation and we are delighted to have been involved in a project curated by St+art   India and supported by AllKraftZ (a KnitPro company) to stage the largest yarn storming project of its kind in India.


The call went out to crocheters in the middle of February through Facebook and Ravelry to make enough pieces to cover a bus and a women's refuge.The aim of the project was to highlight the art of crochet, by creating an eye-catching installation which could attract attention to the craft, as well as provide a creative expression to women crafters in India.  Olek was very keen to celebrate India's cultural heritage too.


Priya Shashank attended the event on behalf of KnitPro and told us: "We at KnitPro are always keen to promote knitting and crochet however we can. Our factory workers had a great time interacting with Olek, who encouraged them to use whatever they could make on their own rather than follow a pattern. So our workers, who are working on this project right now, are having a good time creating their own designs. These workers would eventually be taken around in the bus once the installation is complete, and they are all looking forward to it."


If you have taken part in any yarn storming events, please share your pictures with us. knitproeu@gmail.com 




Monthly Giveaway
Congratulations to Michelle Hurst  who has won the Waves crochet hook set.We have already emailed you.
This month we have a selection of  three fixed circular needles for you to win.  Good luck!