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 News from BranchServ 

4th Quarter, 2013

BranchServ Makes Advances in Cash Automation


2014 promises to be a very exciting year for BranchServ as the company extends its expertise into the area of cash automation and branch transformation, thus establishing it as a full line solutions provider for bank and credit union branch networks in the US.


BranchServ has long dominated physical security equipment and service, and after making inroads with video surveillance and access control, it completed it's segue into electronic security with the 2012 acquisition of Checkpoint/CheckView. Cash automation is the logical next step. Customers are increasingly demanding convenience, speed and accuracy; and industry dynamics dictate that branches evolve to improve efficiencies. BranchServ will be there, as always, to meet their needs. Look for an announcement from us in January.


A Trend to Watch: Consumer Satisfaction with Retail Banking on the Rise


JD Power just released its 2014 US Retail Banking Satisfaction Study which contains insights and observations that are learning for all.  Notably, the reputation of banks among consumers continues to improve, subsequently the industry scored an average of 5.6 on a 7 point scale at its latest measurement. 


Perhaps reputation is in part driven by consumer satisfaction rates which have increased dramatically in recent years, and witnessed a real spike between JD Power's 2013 study (January, 2013) and the first wave of its 2014 study (April, 2013).  The researcher attributes the recent spike to improvements in customer experience, customer sentiment and brand image among other things. 


When gauging customer experience, factors like fees, facility, product offerings, account information, problem resolution and channel activities were explored.  Read more.





BranchServ builds on over 25 years of experience in the physical and electronic security industry to provide a full suite of branch service and equipment solutions. Our unique approach allows us to improve operational efficiency, lower overall equipment costs and enhance the end customer's experience-all while maintaining industry and client security standards.

Our solutions all grow from a clear mission, an embedded client focus and deep product and industry expertise. Learn more about us by visiting our  Website.

Happy Holidays,


Rebecca Cicarelli
Marketing Director, BranchServ

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IP versus Analog
What is the difference, and is it worth making an upgrade? This is a question that BranchServ hears often. Analog technology is the traditional method of transmitting a relatively low-resolution image over coaxial cable. The two most significant benefits of this technology are the low cost of the product and the cameras' ability to deal with difficult lighting situations. IP Megapixel technology is the digital alternative often associated with television and cell phone cameras. It ultimately facilitates the reduction of overall camera count because IP images are much higher resolution and cover a significantly wider field of view.  Read more.
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Partner Profile
When we talk about March Networks, we often refer to them as the "tech savvy user's dream".  With a product line infused with innovation and a corporate focus on excellence, its easy to see why.  March Networks delivers intelligent video management solutions that help commercial businesses reduce losses, mitigate risks, improve security and work more efficiently.

One of the first manufacturers to introduce networked and hybrid surveillance platforms to the market, today March's portfolio includes complete IP video solutions including high-definition IP cameras, embedded video analytics and VMS software.  Read more. 

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