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 News from BranchServ 

2nd Quarter, 2013

The Skimming Threat: Beyond the ATM

Skimming is an international security problem. In 2012, worldwide skimming losses exceeded $300mil. Here in the US, skimming typically costs banks an average of $20-$40k per incident. Furthermore, it erodes both customer trust and a bank's overall reputation in the community. An institution's response to this threat must subsequently be both immediate and comprehensive.


Jammer installation, complemented by video surveillance at the ATM is a solid defense. And with the prospect of stereo skimming, multiple jammers are becoming more commonplace in international markets. But what about the ATM vestibule point-of-entry card reader? As banks have escalated ATM protections, criminals have gotten creative; extending their skimming efforts to outside doors.

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 A Trend to Watch: Bank Branches Falling

Branch Cuts         

According to the Wall Street Journal, banks are pruning their branches. Indeed, after a long period of seemingly endless expansion, the trend is moving in the other direction due to cost cutting and consumer demand for online and mobile banking. Not all locations can maintain their viablity when you consider that a typical bank branch now needs at least $30mil in deposits in order to be profitable, according to Simon-Kucher and partners. And all you need to do is look around to know how American society is gravitating to all things mobile.


SNL Financial reported that more than 2000 branches were eliminated in 2012.  AlixPartners concurred that the current number of branches, at 93,000, is indeed at its lowest in 5 years and expects the number to drop to 80,000 within the next decade.  Read More.


BranchServ builds on over 25 years of experience in the physical and electronic security industry to provide a full suite of branch service and equipment solutions. Our unique approach allows us to improve operational efficiency, lower overall equipment costs and enhance the end customer's experience-all while maintaining industry and client security standards.

Our solutions all grow from a clear mission, an embedded client focus and deep product and industry expertise. Learn more about us by visiting our  Website.

Best Regards,

Rebecca Cicarelli
Marketing Director, BranchServ

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Bullet Resistance

True or false? Bullet resistance means the same thing as bullet proof.

False. Many think they are one in the same, but they are indeed not. Bullet resistance simply slows down an assault. How much? That depends on BR materials and ballistics.


When classifying bullet resistance, most rely on Underwriters Laboratories test results, and specifically UL 752, which specifies ballistic and forced entry protection requirements for materials. There are 8 levels of protection, with varying thickness and weight to (1) manage the impact of different bullets/guns, (2) enhance visual and audio clarity and...
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Isotec Security is focused on the deterrence of acts of violence via automated security that functions independently or as part of an integrated security solution. Isotec specifically provides engineered ballistic or blast resistant security structures with interlocking doors, metal detectors, X-ray, SNM detectors, motion sensors, video analytics, credential and personal positive identification devices and anti-tailgating (ATG) for comprehensive 24/7 automated security. The company is a leader in the use of the latest innovations, building some of the most sophisticated, cost effective security solutions on the market today.  Read More. 

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