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 News from BranchServ 

1st Quarter, 2013

This quarterly e-newsletter is intended to educate and inform both current and potential customers.  We are focused on sharing company news and industry insights.  Your feedback is most welcome.  Please contact BranchServ Marketing with any comments by using the email link on the bottom of this page. 

BranchServ Continues to Expand

 BranchServ enjoyed a very successful 2012, culminating in the fourth quarter acquisition of CheckView/ Checkpoint; by all measures a great move on the part of this corporation. We have benefited from an infusion of new products, new customers and most importantly, excellent new people.


The company now employs several hundred people and operates 5 offices to serve a significant client base on the East Coast (from Maine to Miami), extending West to Texas and beyond. BranchServ has invested in maximizing proficiency within its service organization by bringing on great numbers of service techs with both expertise and experience, and providing them with the tools, inventory and  training necessary to keep pace with ever changing technology. Read More



 A Trend to Watch: Baby Step Re-Branding


Banks and credit unions nationwide are expanding services in an effort to adapt to consumer demand. Financial services encompass much more than a savings account, but beyond the growing breadth of services, there is an increased level of sophistication and mobility as dictated by overall societal trends. Institutions simply must offer more than they used to, and communicate this effectively to potential new customers without alienating the old. How can a bank re-invent itself without compromising the integrity of its brand values? How can it maintain an image of reliability and trust while infusing new energy into its brand communication?


While some financial institutions are aggressively re-working their brands top to bottom, many are pursuing a more conservative approach we call "baby step re-branding". Instead of full-speed ahead brand transformation, this approach is a series of tweaks with particular attention to marketing, advertising, promotions, visuals, branch layout, décor and equipment. This allows a bank or credit union to freshen its look in a pre-meditated, linear and less risky fashion.  Read More


BranchServ builds on over 25 years of experience in the physical and electronic security industry to provide a full suite of branch service and equipment solutions. Our unique approach allows us to improve operational efficiency, lower overall equipment costs and enhance the end customer's experience-all while maintaining industry and client security standards.

Our solutions all stem from a clear mission, an embedded client focus and deep product and industry expertise. You can learn more about us by visiting our  Website.

Best Regards,

Rebecca Cicarelli
Marketing Director, BranchServ

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The Word On ... Integration

Integration is defined as the act of combining or adding  parts to make a unified whole. But if it's done right, it can create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, at least as it applies to security equipment.


BranchServ is familiar with integration. It's what we do. And it pays out for the banks and credit unions we serve. Starting with physical security equipment, it is essential that everything work together. For example, end-customers will not have a satisfactory drive-up banking experience unless the deal drawer, pneumatic tube system and audio communication all work in tandem. If they don't, chaos can ensue. Read More

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Partner Profile

The are not the oldest, they are not the most established, and they might be accused of being the 'new kid on the block'. But they sure are innovative. 3VR has entered the arena of video intelligence solutions, and has done so with a bang.


Several providers offer enterprise level video management/investigation platforms that support hybrid solutions and transitional technology. And all are designed specifically to protect financial institutions. So what makes 3VR different?

  • Groundbreaking analytics like Facial Recognition and Advanced Object Detection
  • Transaction capture, intelligence gathering, and search acceleration to mitigate fraud and streamline investigation time

Read More

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