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 News from BranchServ 

4th Quarter, 2012

We at BranchServ are happy to introduce our first quarterly e-newsletter. This outreach is intended to educate and inform both current and potential customers.  We look forward to sharing company news and industry insights.  Your feedback is most welcome.  Please contact BranchServ Marketing with any comments by using the email link on the bottom of this page. 



BranchServ Acquires CheckView Banking Security Solutions

BranchServ has announced its acquisition of CheckView Banking Security Solutions, a division of Checkpoint Systems effective October 1, 2012.

CheckView Banking Security Solutions, currently based in Richmond, VA, targets financial institutions with security equipment sales and service. Its emphasis on electronic security supports BranchServ's strategy for growth. An expanded portfolio of product offerings and an elevated level of electronics expertise will allow BranchServ to better assist its clients with the design, installation and integration of electronic security elements.


In addition, CheckView shares a common geographic footprint with BranchServ. It has a client base in Maryland, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, and an enhanced presence in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. In acquiring this company, BranchServ seeks to increase the depth of its East Coast business, and support growth in the South Central US.  Read More.



 A Trend to Watch: Branch Automation


As bank branches introduce more automation, they benefit by way of increased productivity and profitability. Furthermore, they enhance the total customer experience. ATMs have certainly been the most significant advancement in recent years, but the advent of the Interactive Teller Machine is creating new options for branch development and design.


This technology bridges the gap between convenience and the desire for human interaction by creating a portal through which customers can conduct transactions with a live, remote teller via video conference. Customers simply touch a screen, connect with a teller who is stationed at a central location, and make deposits, withdrawals, or even apply for a loan. Ultimately, this can allow banks and credit unions to:

  • Increase hours of operation/customer access
  • Reduce waiting times during busy branch hours
  • Increase efficiencies by reducing overall teller staff and centralizing operations
  • Reduce cost without sacrificing service
  • Test the waters in new markets without investing in brick-and-mortar branches   Read More. 


BranchServ builds on over 25 years of experience in the physical and electronic security industry to provide a full suite of branch service and equipment solutions. Our unique approach allows us to improve operational efficiency, lower overall equipment costs and enhance the end customer's experience-all while maintaining industry and client security standards.

Our solutions all grow from a clear mission, an embedded client focus and deep product and industry expertise. We look forward to sharing this expertise with you via our quarterly newsletter.  You can also earn more about us by visiting our  Website.

Best Regards,

Rebecca Cicarelli
Marketing Director, BranchServ

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The Word On ... Escheatment.

Escheatment. It's as hard to say as it is to spell. And it can be a significant challenge for financial institutions, as regulations and subsequent processes vary state to state.


Escheatment laws often apply to abandoned or delinquent bank security deposit boxes. Compliance can be both confusing and costly for banks, but missing state reporting and submission deadlines can translate to fines, penalties and the bigger headaches that come with bad press. It is therefore essential to secure a solid understanding of the rules in the state(s) in which a bank operates, and then institute a formal escheatment protocol that minimizes the negative impact on both the institution and its safe deposit box renters. BranchServ can help with both.  Read More. 

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Partner Profile

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) is a recognized leader in network solutions for fast, cost-effective, centralized security monitoring in applications of all sizes. Founded in 1975, DMP has experienced tremendous growth, and has been integral to the digital communications revolution within the security industry. They continue to set standards for networked intrusion, fire and access control systems made in the USA..  Read More. 

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