December 2014

Multinational Attorney General Exchange Addresses Transnational Cybercrime

Cybercrime Forum at Florida AGO

On December 4-5, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi hosted an Attorneys General Exchange, featuring a forum on transnational cybercrime with attorneys general and top prosecutors from El Salvador and Mexico, as well as representatives of the U.S. Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Attorney General Bondi was joined by her U.S. attorney general counterparts Lawrence Wasden of Idaho, Sean Reyes of Utah, Tim Fox of Montana and Greg Zoeller of Indiana; and Mexican Attorneys General Carlos Zamarripa of Guanajuato,  Adonai Carreon of Baja California Sur, and Carlos Navarro of Sonora. The El Salvador AG's Office was represented by General Secretary Benjamin Pleites.


The group discussed multi-jurisdictional investigations of complex computer crimes, human trafficking, forensic and technical investigations of cyber offenses and credit card fraud.

Oral Trial Forums Held in Mexico City, Guanajuato

Mock Trial in Mexico City


On November 3rd, a Forum on Oral Trials was held in Mexico City. 1,045 participants were in attendance, joined by an online audience via internet broadcast technology. After an inauguration ceremony featuring speakers from the Mexico City Attorney General's Office, the Federal Attorney General's Office, the Technical Secretariat of the Council for the Coordination of the Implementation of the Criminal Justice System, and 

the Federal Police, the morning session featured presentations by US trial attorneys about the stages of the oral trial, focusing on concrete aspects of form and technique as well as strategy and legal theory. The afternoon session featured a simulated trial created by the Instituto de Formación Profesional of the Distrito Federal Attorney General's Office.


On November 5th, in the auditorium of the Attorney General's Office in Guanajuato, GTO, 409 participants from more than 30 different cities and communities of the region celebrated another Forum on Oral Trials. Participants came from the AGO, judicial branch, public defender's office, and municipal and state police. In addition, an online audience was able to participate via internet. The morning featured experienced US prosecutors and litigators discussing various aspects of oral trials, and the afternoon featured personnel from the AGO as participants in a simulated oral trial that highlights best practices in oral litigation. Video of the event is available online here.

Guanajuato Mock Trial Participants



Interdisciplinary Exchange
Colorado - San Luis Potosi


16 prosecutors, investigators and forensic scientists from Tabasco, Tamaulipas, Veracruz, and Yucatan visited Denver, Colorado, from November 10 - 14, for an Interdisciplinary Exchange, hosted by the Colorado Attorney General's Office. The beginning of the week featured a welcome by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers and a variety of presentations and practical exercises surrounding various phases of the criminal justice process, allowing the law enforcement from Mexico to connect individually with law enforcement from the Colorado AGO. On Thursday the group attended live court proceedings, featuring direct and cross examination of law enforcement witnesses, and concluded the week Friday with visits to the Adams County Crime Lab and Sheriff's Office Training Facility.


In San Luis Potosi, 3 instructors worked with a group of 70 prosecutors, investigators and forensic scientists at the state attorney general's office. The teams participated in a series of practical exercises from investigation through trial, after observing the live presentations from Colorado via video-conference technology.


The presentations from the Interdisciplinary Exchange were also streamed live to viewers throughout Mexico via Internet, and the recordings are available online here.
Denver, Colorado
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CWAG Grant Results in the Identification of a Deceased US Citizen Found In Mexico

Since 2013, CWAG has been conducting a research project under a grant from the National Institute of Justice, with the goal of using DNA testing to identify human remains found in the US suspected of being Mexican nationals, as well as identifying remains found in Mexico suspected of being US citizens.

In August of this year, a decomposing body with evidence of a suicide, was found in Rosarito, Mexico. A Missing Persons Detective from the San Diego County Sherriff's Office in collaboration with the Baja California Attorney General's Office, collected samples from the deceased person and submitted them, under the authority of the grant, to the California Department of Justice. The resultant DNA profile was searched in CODIS and matched a profile already in the data base. On August 28, 2014, CA DOJ reported the identity of this individual as Chadwick Ware. Working with the Baja California Attorney General's Office and the US Marshal's Office, the San Diego Detective brought Mr. Ware's father to Mexico, where the body of Chadwick Ware was released for transport back to the United States.

Interdisciplinary Exchange Presentations Available Online 

The presentations from the Interdisciplinary Exchanges were also streamed live to viewers throughout Mexico via Internet, and the recordings are available online here.


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