March 2015                                                      ISSUE No.12

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Join us for the 8th Annual Service Awards Dinner on Tuesday April 23rd at the Cohen House at Rice University.

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Kelli Cohen Fein, MD

Kelli Cohen Fein, MD is a native Houstonian and general and pediatric radiologist who is well known and respected for her focused dedication and support of numerous vital community and social causes in our city.


Of her many associations, Kelli is passionate about her work with the Baylor College of Medicine Huffington Center on Aging; the Women's Cancer Foundation whose mission is  to downgrade breast and other female cancers in low-resource countries; and the Anti-Defamation League.


Kelli Cohen Fein, along with Barbara Van Postman, is co-chairing the 2015 Medical Bridges Gala in October and is a co-recipient of the 2015 Chairman's Award at Medical Bridges Services Awards Dinner on April 23rd

Kelli talks about her personal philosophy and the importance of giving back, of her insight into the need for global healthcare, and why support of nonprofits, such as Medical Bridges, is so essential.


"In every aspect of my life, Tikkun Olam is a guiding principle. This Hebrew phrase reflects a frame of reference for our individual and collectively shared responsibility as human beings living on the planet to heal, repair and transform the world. (Read more)

A Win-Win Opportunity

For the past seven years, members of the First United Methodist Church in Athens,Texas come to the Houston Rodeo and during the day, they volunteer at Medical Bridges sorting and boxing medical supplies.  As chairperson of the Missions Committee, Donna Morris along with her husband decided to lead the first volunteer team and they've been coming ever since. (Read more)  

The Power of Collaboration

We had the pleasure of meeting two volunteers from a student-led organization called United2Heal, established at the Virginia Commonwealth University located in Richmond, VA. Faisal Alshareif and Ahmed Abdeen are leading members of this growing humanitarian aid organization. Striving to improve their knowledge, they decided to visit Medical Bridges and learn how to effectively procure and managed inventory, identify recipients, prepare products for shipping, etc.  

Mission Focus

Medical Bridges was honored to participate in the Sugar Land Baptist Church Missions Fair on February 15.  During the event, parishioners visited with the 30-plus nonprofit organizations that their church supports.


Thank you to Sugar Land Baptist Church for your continued support of the Medical Bridges mission. 

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