February 2015                                                      ISSUE No.10

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Last year your generosity shipped 48 containers of quality-controlled medical equipment and supplies and helped bridge the healthcare gap worldwide.
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Join the Celebration at Medical Bridges 
8th Annual Service Awards Dinner
Special Guest Speaker
Martin Xuereb
MOAS Program Director


Guest Emcee 

Christi Myers
Emmy Award-winning
Medical Journalist

Make plans to attend Medical Bridges 
8th Annual Service Awards Dinner on 
April 23, 2015 from 6:30pm to 9pm at Cohen House, Rice University 
This year's Power of Giving honorees include: Barbara Van Postman and
Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein, 2015 Co-Chairs of our  Annual Gala; BUILD, the Texas A&M student-led program of transforming ocean freight containers into mobile clinics; and Andro Loaiza who is being recognized for his outstanding support of Medical Bridges .

We are honored to present Martin Xuereb,Director of the MOAS program, as our Special Guest Speaker. We are also pleased to announce that former Channel 13 Medical Reporter, Christi Myers will be acting as the evening's emcee. 

Please join us to honor and celebrate the Power of Giving.

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Barbara Van Postman

"I'm more committed than ever to help"

"In all the years I have been involved with 
Medical Bridges, I have never toured the facility. 
I did last month and I can tell you that I was blown away!  I met their small staff of 15 who exudes such passion, dedication and pride in their work.  And when I saw the pure scope of all they do, it became very clear to me how vital and important the continued support of our time, talent and treasure is to the success of this agency's mission. 

"I am more committed now than ever to be part of  advancing the quality and availability of healthcare services  to medically
 under-ser ved families in developing  countries. I saw pictures that broke my  heart. One in particular was of three small  infants who, before Medical Bridges  arrived, had to share one rusty hospital  crib because that was all the healthcare  center had. One crib. Imagine if one of  those babies was yours." 
Your Investment in Medical Bridges is Impacting Thousands of Guatemalan Families

New home for disabled 

children and adults 

Three new operating rooms

Guatemala is one of the most populous countries in Central America,  with the highest poverty rate in Latin America. The lack of available healthcare services is vast and reaches deep into every area of this nation. Medical Bridges has the privilege of partnering with Asociaciacion Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro to improve their healthcare delivery in Antigua Guatemala. 

Three new operating rooms as well as space for pre- and post- operative care are being brought online in a La Antigua's hospital. In addition, a new, much-needed permanent home is being built for children and adults with special needs.

With your continuing investment in Medical Bridges, thousands more  children and families will be able to access healthcare services and receive quality medical attention they need in Guatemala and around the world.

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