Precautionary Checklist for Auto Repairs


If you're in the process of having repairs done to your vehicle and are looking to your insurance company to cover the repairs, there are a few things you should check beforehand. Seibert's can help you with the information you will need to make sure you are covered.


Find the right automotive repair shop

  • It is important to know that you do not have to pick an auto repair shop from the list the insurance company provides. You can choose other repair shops, however, be aware that the process may be different if you choose to go this route.
  • Also, be aware of the insurance company's warranty on parts. If the location you choose already has a warranty on parts or service, there is no need for the insurer's warranty.

Know your deductible

  • Your deductible is an expense you will have to pay out of pocket if it hasn't already been met.

Get an estimate -- or three

  • It is good practice to get a quote from one place and then call two or three more for a quote on the exact repairs to help make sure you are getting the most for your money. It is also important to know that an estimate should be given in person if the repair costs more than $100. Once you have an estimate in hand, the cost of repairs is not allowed to exceed 10 percent of the said quote without your approval.
  • Remember that all shops may not cover all of the repairs you need (like paint, etc.). Get quotes for all repairs needed from each location to present to the insurance company.

Be aware of what types of parts are being used

  • Some parts used may be refurbished or generic parts. Original-equipment Manufacturer Parts are made to fit your car exactly. Try negotiating with the company to have OEM parts used in the repair.

Make sure the auto shop is clean, organized, and certified

  • Take your evaluation to the next level by researching customer reviews and complaints. The Better Business Bureau is a great resource for such reviews.
  • The staff and the shop should be certified by the Better Business Bureau, AAA, or the Automotive Service Council.

Your sign-off is always required

  • No work should be done without your signature. You need to be aware of all repairs and necessary changes. If changes do arise, stay in communication with your insurance company. They may approve coverage for what is needed.

The final quote is approved by your insurance agency

  • Always have estimates approved by the insurance company to that you will be paid. 
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