Avoiding Animal-related Accidents


Driving at night can be a daunting task with the unknown lurking around every corner.  Each year there are 500,000 deer/auto collisions resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries, much too many by any account. Unfortunately these numbers will only continue to grow as the deer population increases. Lucky for you we have some tips that can prepare you for an animal encounter while behind the wheel. 

  • Be aware early in the morning and in the evening. This is when deer are the most active.
  • Turn on your high beams. High beams can reflect off the deer's eyes making them easier to spot.
  • Try not to swerve. When an animal is in your path swerving may confuse them and make them unsure of where to run. Swerving can also cause you to lose control and hit a tree.
  • Wear your seatbelt. Most injuries from deer/auto crashes are a result of the driver and/or passenger(s) not wearing a seatbelt, so do yourself a favor and buckle up.
  • Deer seldom travel alone. If a deer crosses your path keep your eyes peeled for others.
  • If you hit a deer... Don't touch the animal, although it may be injured it can still harm you. The best practice is to pull your vehicle off the road and call the police. 
Randy Seibert 
Seibert's Family of Companies 

Seibert's Donates Grant to City of Richmond Mayor's Youth Academy


On Thursday, May 30th, Seibert's Family of Companies awarded a $6,000 grant to the City of Richmond Mayor's Youth Academy for the purchase of new technology.  Seibert's received the money to donate from BP's "Fueling Communities" program that provides grant donations to local BP business owners to help them support a local organization of their choosing.


The Mayor's Youth Academy provides development opportunities to youths ages 14-19 years throughout the city of Richmond, including job training, leadership development, exposure to entrepreneurship, mentoring and career exploration. 

The donation from Seibert's will purchase 15 Google Chromebooks to be used in the laptop loaner program for youth involved in the Academy.  This is the second donation of its kind that Seibert's has awarded to the Mayor's Youth Academy. 

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