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Are You an Auto Auction Amateur?


If so, fear not! We've put together a list of Do's and Don'ts for anyone new to auto-auctioning, so read up before stopping by Seibert's Auto Auction the first Monday of every month.

  • Have a photo ID and $100 cash to register for the auction.
  • Arrive at 9 AM to give yourself time to inspect each vehicle to make sure it meets your needs.  The auction begins promptly at 10 AM.
  • Decide on a budget before going to a car auction. Remember, vehicles must be paid in full by 5 PM the day after the auction, so don't set your sights higher than you're willing (or able) to go!
  • Go to a few auctions before actively participating - this will help you get a feel for the actions of bidders and prevent you from entering a bid you can't act on.
  • Be honest with yourself; do not purchase a vehicle that you cannot make repairs to yourself or if there is any doubt the repair can be completed at an affordable price.
  • Be sure to factor in any extra fees that may be attached to winning bids, such as buyer's fees, title and registration fees.
  • Auctions can be fun and exciting, and bargains can be found for the informed and cautious buyer. 
Randy Seibert 
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The Cold is Coming


Cool October days are finally here, giving everyone in Richmond a nice break from the past few warm months. But don't get too comfortable with the A/C off and windows open; rough winter weather is right around the corner, and if your car isn't prepared for the season, that puts both you and your vehicle in danger.


Prepping your car for the cold season is vital to ensuring optimum performance. An antifreeze inspection, brake check, air filter replacement, tire tread assessment and oil change are all methods of preventive maintenance that can save you time and money during the upcoming winter months. Bring your vehicle by Seibert's Pump and Church station and let us make sure your vehicle is ready to go for the cold season. 

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