Wireless Tower News - November 2015
Milestone Completes HRSD Project
Towers built at nine HRSD treatment plants and three operations centers.
In September of 2013, the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD), a regional wastewater treatment utility, selected Milestone Communications to build wireless towers on treatment plant and administrative sites to support HRSD's supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) network. The project is now in its final stages, with towers completed at nine treatment plants and three operations centers throughout the HRSD service area--an area that covers 17 cities and counties in southeast Virginia.
From left to right: Milestone Director of Business Development Jennifer Bond, Milestone President Len Forkas, HRSD General Manager Ted Henifin, HRSD Chief of Design & Construction David Cooley.

HRSD is building a new SCADA network to comply with the Clean Water Act with UHF antennas that will facilitate communications between its various pump stations and operations centers. This will streamline services and provide increased control over pumps--essentially tying all of the components together in one powerful network. The towers will also be used to build a microwave wide area network (WAN) that will link all the facilities. In the initial agreement, Milestone agreed to fund and build the towers for SCADA with colocation potential to support equipment from commercial wireless carriers in the future.

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Milestone a Big Presence at VSBA
Milestone was a big presence at this year's Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) Annual Convention, held November 18-20 at the Williamsburg Lodge.

Milestone President, Len Forkas, was the featured speaker at the Award of Distinction Luncheon, while Jennifer Bond, Milestone's Director of Business Development, moderated a "Lunch and Learn" discussion on boosting school budgets through wireless revenue opportunities.

Jennifer Bond (right) leads revenue opportunity discussion.

Milestone's booth ready for action.
Milestone was also an exhibitor, hosting a booth and charging station where attendees could recharge their devices using portable chargers.

The VSBA Annual Convention is the largest and most anticipated VSBA meeting of the year. This event brings together over one thousand school board members, superintendents, and school division staff from across Virginia.

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Out and About
Len Forkas delivers speech and hosts book signing.
Len Forkas greets book signing guest.
Milestone President, Len Forkas, addressed attendees at the Fiscal Officers of Colleges and Universities (FOCUS) Fall Conference. After his speech, he also hosted a book signing for his book, What Spins the Wheel.

FOCUS promotes a sharing of information between member institutions of higher education within the state of Virginia to improve fiscal management for all members.
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Project Update
Mark Twain Middle School
Construction on the tree pole tower at Mark Twain Middle School in Alexandria, VA is underway! The 100' tower will be completed by the end of this week and will initially be utilized by Verizon Wireless.

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