E-SeaRider Auction ... AGAIN!
It's back!
E-SeaRider Marine Beanbag Chair! 
Our first auction for this limited edition chair went so well that our friends at E-SeaRider were generous enough to donate another. Trust us (and the highest bidder from the first Beanbag), these are the only way to go when handling rough seas! 


 Start bidding today at 
The highest bidder gets a brand new, large, teardrop Beanbag, complete with a screen-printed Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation logo. *And all funds from the highest bid will go towards the Foundation.
*Proceeds from auction go towards future fishing trips for Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Veterans Recreation Department of the Miami VA Hospital. Visit www.raymarine.com to find out more about the "Spanish Fly Package." For every Spanish Fly Package sold, $100 is donated to the Foundation, and an additional $100 for every T-Series Thermal Camera sold with the package.
More ways to donate to the Foundation ...
Visit the website to find out more about the
 Foundation and how you can help make fishing dreams come true and pass on the legacy of Jose Wejebe. You can make 
a tax-deductible donation via PayPal or purchase "Spanish Fly" gear from our Store.
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