K.C. Scott Paintings Auction

So far, we've raised over $5,900 in funds for the Foundation through our eBay auctions, and it's not done yet! This Friday and next, we'll be auctioning off 2 Framed, Limited Edition and Signed paintings from the talented K.C. Scott. 


Starting this Friday, May 30, you can start bidding on 

"Tarpon and Mullet March" 

at http://bit.ly/jwsfmfkc1. 



Next Friday, June 6, you can then start bidding on

"Tarpon Feed Pencil"

at http://bit.ly/jwsfmfkc2nd

**Note that the link won't be live until Friday, June 6! 



*Proceeds from auction go towards future fishing trips for Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Veterans Recreation Department of the Miami VA Hospital.

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More ways to donate to the Foundation ...

You can make a tax-deductible donation via PayPal or purchase 
"Spanish Fly" gear from our Store.  
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