Jose, AJ, Manny, and Mike join Wicked Tuna's TJ Ott for an amazing fishing trip here in the Keys.   


"I would like to personally thank Joe and Diane the owners of the house. It was so comfortable.  It felt like I was home. Costa provided the nicest fishing glasses I have ever seen, and we got tons of the most beautiful and comfortable Spanish Fly clothing."



"We had the most awesome boat captain, Captain T.J., and his father "Poppa Tuna." They were very quick to try and make it the best experience it could be, and it was just that. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be invited to fish with the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation and will never forget this amazing experience."



"Readjusting to being back home from that therapeutic fishing trip smacked me in the face today!! I  changed that negative vibe when I looked at picture of what was left of my fish, thank you tiger shark"



"I remember watching your dad's show. What stuck out to me the most as kid was that someone with my name, Jose, was on TV and he was catching huge fish!! The closet I got to fishing was watching the Spanish Fly show on TV. I'm a father now of two young boys, Austin Jos�ph and Logan Jos�ph. Going on this trip and meeting Jose's friends and family was very humbling and therapeutic. It's a good feeling to know that thru what happened to Jose, something positive was able to come out of it. I'm forever thankful, and hope to be as cool as a dad as he was!!"


Check out the whole story at Veterans Fish with Wicked Tuna's TJ Ott






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