Veterans Trip 2014

Retired Army Veteren Rudy, and Marine Veterans and cousins Edwin and Dave were welcomed to the Keys with swag gear from Costa Sunglasses, Shimano, UA, Yeti Coolers and even some awesome prints from our friend Doug in Kansas. Being the beginning of March hotels and vacation homes were hard to come by.  I reached out, and a good friend of my father's, MJ said that her neighbor could help out.  A beautiful home on the water was more than I expected, and the Veterans were taken away. 



Captain Joe Messer had expressed that he wanted to offer his services to the Foundation. It was windy the first day on the water so we went out back where we caught a few black grouper (that were released), mangrove snapper, and a lizard fish. We tried a few holes where goliath grouper will hang out. Hooked up quite a, but rocked us up everytime. Switching gears Joe suggested that we pull his stone crab traps. We also saw a lot of cool things in octopus, stonecrabs, lobster, and a puffer fish. Back at the dock Edwin, Dave, and Rudy devoured the delicious stone crab claws, and Joe even pulled out some of his wahoo he had for sushi.  



Weather, wind, tides, and currents looked better than the first day so we headed offshore.  First we stopped at a wreck and landed some big amber jacks.  They are also called reef donkeys because they are almost solid muscle. Fishing slowed down do we decided to head out farther, and do some deep dropping. On our way we saw a pod of spinner dolphins bow riding, breaching, tail slapping, and diving further back. Arriving to Joe's spot he pulled out an electric reel which proved to be much needed. It took a lot of teamwork from all the vets, plus my fiancÚ Dave to bring up a nice snowy grouper (which are in season, 1 per boat), and a very interesting shark. The shark (which I believe it to be in the dogfish family) had big bright green eyes, and spines on its dorsal, and caudal fin.  


AJ Howley took them spearfishing.  They picked it up quickly, and their aim was spot on. Dave and Rudy both shot a few hog fish snapper.  Edwin relaxed, watched and enjoyed the underwater scenery that included reef sharks, sea turtles, and stingrays. 


Thanks to Nancy at the Kite House in Key West, the got to kite board at the same place my dad was taught.  All the guys did great at learning to fly the kite, so they'll be ready for the board next time when they come back to visit. 


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Carey Chen Auction
Thank you to all that placed bids on the Carey Chen "Predator" painting. Our final bid was $720, and this will greatly help with our future fishing trips for Make-A-Wish Foundation and Veterans Recreation Department of the VA Hospital. A new auction will begin at the end of next week. Be on the lookout!!

Fred Hall Boat Show
Just got bac
k from the Fred Hall Boat Show. It was a new experience for me...Traffic, mountains, and people "Oh My." Much of Jose's following was on the East Coast, and not on the West Coast. With help from Shimano we were able to continue to share his legacy with those who were not familiar before. Peter Gray invited me to his radio show,  "Let's Talk Hook Up", as well as Phil Friedman's "Fish Talk" Radio. 
We were able to raise $1460 with raffle tickets, and I was able to take some time to catch my first bass!!
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